Monday, August 4, 2008

3 Biggest Mistake you can do in University

The 3 biggeste mistake in university is:

  • Not Trying

  • Not Listening

  • Taking a part time job

Not Trying

“Not trying” means that you just stop doing something half-way. I see a lot of people give-up in so many things so easily. Always keep moving, don’t give up. There is so much you can learn if you just keep going, even if it is a day longer. Don’t give excuses, don’t procrastinate (though I tend too because I’m quite lazy in nature…lol) and don’t blame others for your weak performance. The worst thing you can do to yourself is do nothing, and then you will learn and achieve nothing. If you are not performing a job well, the least you can do is to keep trying. For your sake, for your reputation’s sake and even your team’s sake. At least, don’t let others suffer the result of your mistakes or you giving up half-way. In university or even in life, our most valuable thing is our experience and how do you get it? By keep on trying to achieve more. I had a junior, he complained and gave excuses about why he wasn’t performing, but he still had so much time left. I didn’t like that but the lesson I’m trying to share here is that every day, you wake up with a choice, which are; to moan how sucky your life are or choose to get the best off it. So what’s your choice?

Not Listening

“Not listening” means that a lot of students do not have the love of learning or the culture of appreciating knowledge. Just look at our culture of reading here in Malaysia. I’m starting to read books but a lot of them are expensive. Maybe I can discuss something about it later. Anyway, learning can come in many forms. It can be from your lecture, books, the internet, practical experience from a student club’s project, even opinions from your friends and families. Wisdom can come from anywhere. You must have not only have knowledge or just a degree but you also need something more. You need the attitude to learn more and the attitude to achieve excellence.

'Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.' - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

This man is a wise man, he said intelligence not knowledge, he understands that you can memorize whole books but can still not be intelligent. I think I will discuss this more in some other posts.

Taking A Part Time Job

“Taking a part time job” means well…taking a part time job la. We are students; we have a responsibility to ourselves and our parents. Do not waste our time on part time jobs unless we are so short of money until you have no money to eat. Doing a part time job and doing extracurricular activities are 2 different things. You learn something from doing club activities, I know some jobs do train you, which is good but please don’t do menial jobs. When you work part-time you are selling your time. RM4 an hour, is that how much one hour of your life costs to you. And also don’t do things like MLM la, jual kerepek and roti la, please. Even if you are entrepreneur there are better ways, which I hope to discuss in the future. Remember, the most valuable thing you have now is your time, not your energy. Use your time well because time=experience is good and time=energy is bad.

Disclaimer: Though I made several references of events and people in my life, I do not intend to badmouth anyone. I am saying this to share with you all the experiences and my perspective of life.

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