Monday, August 4, 2008

3 ways you can receive wisdom

I made a post earlier about the 3 mistakes you cannot do in your university life. And the second point is “Not listening”, let me refine that more and say “Not listening to wisdom” This post is about how you can enrich your mind become a more mature thinker. To acquire yourself with the relevant knowledge and thinking skills that can help you in your career. I’m also discussing certain bad habits that may prevent you from getting wisdom.

Wisdom can be obtained from the people around you. Work together with as diverse bunch of people as possible. These are how you can enrich your mind, making yourself a better thinker. If you are not an intelligent, you work together with intelligent people. If you are not creative, work with creative people so you can understand the way they think and slowly adapt and improve the way you think. Don’t look down at what are your friends saying. Not long ago, I and some of my friends gave some input on how a certain project were done and predicted some problems however it fell on deaf ears. I feel that our experience was not appreciated and was quite disappointed. I feel we should listen (especially those who are more experienced than us), comprehend and finally choose whether to listen or not, at least take the time to listen. In an unrelated event, there are even people who do not want to listen to others because they are better than others; I have seen an acquaintance of mine so proud of his post at my college’s MTP that he disregards the input of others. I have seen dictators in student organization trying to force everything to his will without discussion. Wisdom can come from anywhere. By engaging with diverse people, not only it helps you to expose yourself to the different kinds of thinking but the experience also builds character.

“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

This man is a wise man, he said intelligence not knowledge, he understands that you can memorize whole books but can still not be intelligent. You must understand that all knowledge I merely tools to solve a problem. You learn engineering so we can build with less. You learn accounting to manage your finance. You lean chemistry to create. But who is using those knowledge? How do you determine the outcome of using that knowledge? it is you. The knowledge you learn are merely tools for you to use. It is the man who makes the difference.

Wisdom can be obtained through experience. By putting yourself in a variety of situations, you acquire more experience and ultimately you can be more confident in your future endeavors. That is why I stress the importance of trying in the “3 Biggest Mistake you can do in University” article. If you’re not trying, you’re not achieving. When you're not achieving, you’re not learning. Please go explore he world and seek new experiences and challenge your world view. That is why I do not like joining my college’s activities. There is nothing new, no new experience or perspective. It’s the same thing you do at high school. We as university students must throw away our high school mentality and strive to have a corporate and professional mentality. Even something as simple as our annual dinner, can be a good experience if we organize professionally by learning how to use tools used by professional event planners. We must provide ourselves with wider horizons. I do not want to go back to high school chores. We are way past that. Soon, I will share with you how to identify a good student organization that will provide good experiences.

Wisdom can be gained by first having the love of learning. This is something I cannot teach but you must take the initiative. Malaysian students just don’t have the drive to learn more. We are too exam oriented. There is more to life than this. There is so much knowledge in the world. I’m not just talking about knowledge in books; I’m also talking about our failure to implement what we learn. Last year, my college’s entrepreneurial secretariat wanted to do a car wash service. Is that what entrepreneurship is? We entrepreneurship majors in my college, is that all what they see of the subject. Even I am interested in entrepreneurship but I don’t want to wash cars or jual kerepek. I want to learn how to write business plans, learn how to manage my finances and find opportunities. Go see for a good project. My colleges are mostly from FEP. Leadership and Management are supposed to be our field. Other faculties do not have this advantage. Do we all have no idea what to do? Are we doomed to sell Dadih all our lives? I will elaborate more on this in another post (emo aldy now). Take the initiative to know what is being done by others by asking around, searching through the internet, anything. There is so much to learn from the world. Go explore it.

Let me summarize by saying that wisdom and inspiration are abundant but are easily obtainable. And what makes them easier or harder to obtain depends on you, depend how open-minded you are, and how much you’re willing to accept criticism, let go your ego, to be proactive.

Disclaimer: Though I made several references of events and people in my life, I do not intend to badmouth anyone. I am saying this to share with you all the experiences and my perspective of life.

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