Monday, August 4, 2008

What do you believe?

Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about religion or anything like that but it is tempting to do so. I really like controversial subjects. Don’t we all? Anyway I would like to share with you all something that I realized not long ago. So just bear with me and see where I am going with this blog.

Last year or so, there was a short supply of cooking oil. And what really happened is that when the Malaysian population thought that oil is going to be scarce, they bought cooking oil more than they really need which creates an artificial deficit meaning if everybody bought just enough for themselves, then there would be sufficient supply. They believed that oil is going to be scarce and as a result of believing that, then the oil does become scarce.

Again about last year, Kenya had their election. But unfortunately there are some disagreements over the outcome. I do not want to comment on the politics because I do not know the situation. However, the point I am telling here, even though there is a democracy process but if people do not trust or believe the election process than it is futile. Right now, a certain de facto leader of a party is trying to win a parliamentary seat if I’m not mistaken. He is stating that there will be mass rigging of the results of this by election. When the outcome is revealed, and he fails to get the seat, what would happen if he and his supporters do if they don’t trust the system?

And last but not least, I would like to comment on spirituality or religion. I’m bound to touch on this matter sooner or I would say it is not surprising for human to hate, kill and discriminate on the grounds of religion. Sometimes, even after debating and rationalizing with them, they will still conform to their ways, because they so blindly believe their religion. Is that a bad thing? Even though thinking about divine existence might be out of our reach, but god gave us a brain to try and ponder his greatness and ultimately appreciate our blessings not to blindly take it without considerations. But if they believe it so much, they would do everything to make sure the status quo is remained intact.

What do these three scenarios signify? What am I trying to tell you? These three events show that when the individual believe it becomes true. When you believe, you act. And when you act, you will act accordingly to make it a reality. So it will happen sooner or later but as long you believe in something it will come true. Because when you stop believing, you will stop doing and when that happens I’m sure your beliefs won’t come true. So... what do you believe?

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