Saturday, August 16, 2008

What the torch reveals…

As you all know, the Olympic Games is in full swing. And their opening ceremony was great. I really liked the drumming opening but not as much as the lighting of the torch gimmick. That guy was walking in the air!!! What a technical achievement done by the Chinese. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see all of it. I only got to see the end, and the rest I saw on YouTube. But it was very hard to find there, so I only got to some part of it.

In the process of browsing YouTube I found a disturbing phenomenon. There were a lot of people who were criticizing and bashing the Chinese government for many things in relation to the Olympics. Some would deliberately point weaknesses and flaws of the opening ceremony, I assume to downplay the organizers efforts.,99745

I can accept the fireworks were graphically enhanced by computers, but you don’t need to call it blatantly fake, it’s so childish just looking for something to badmouth at. It’s not a big deal. The same blogs again attacks another mistake of the Chinese organizers, which were about the weather control system.,99942

Even worst, there are people who make comments on the Chinese government about communism, Tibet issue, even stupid insensitive accusations and remark about China, the people, their culture and history.

Most of these people I believe consist of ethnocentric and ignorant westerners. AIESEC teaches me not to discriminate, and I agree. But it is so obvious the China bashing is done by so many Europeans. Just follow the link below; so many parties are bashing the organizers tirelessly. I just don’t know what China did to them to incur such treatment.

HOWEVER, I must make it clear I am not implying this negative trait to all westerners. But sharing my concern that there are a big number of people in western countries who portray an uncomfortable tendency to insult, under appreciate and refuse to give credit to the organizers of the Olympics. This is a disheartening thing to happen at an event that is supposed to unite us together through sports. What scares me the most is that is our civilization are increasingly globalized and connected, yet in another way we have become more divided than ever. This is what the torch has revealed to me…

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