Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why beyond uni?

Why beyond uni?

As you know by now, the address for this blog is, but why?
Not long ago I realized there are lots of things I’ve been saying about the events occurring around me. So I thought why would I only talk, why don’t I put it in a more productive form. A place where I can share what I think, and see the response of others. This allows a medium of interaction which I value very much. Which I mention in the posts “3 ways of receiving wisdom” So I plan to post as much of my experiences and views on such things as philosophy, politics, self-development and comments/criticism which I feel obligated to share with the world. “Obligated”…I feel like Superman now. LOL.

Anyway, why beyond uni? It’s because I want to share my views about things going on beyond my university horizon. Students care too much about exams, merits, and club activities (which is good depending on how it is done). Our university life is so short, so I am preparing myself to the ever-challenging world, a world that is not clear as black and white but shades of grey. By doing so, I hope you can share your views, and together we will be more prepared of the consequences to come.
Sometimes, I get scared what tomorrow brings, but I know I have people I can count on to embrace it together. Till next time…

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