Monday, October 20, 2008

Unnecessary Politics in the MPP and MTP System

Yesterday, I got a piece of paper from the Pro-Mahasiswa movement. Yeah, the ‘opposition’. But that’s not the point. Upon reading it, I must say that university politics is a waste of students’ time, and I am indifferent of any sides. I don’t think there will be a difference. It is not because of the people but the system that is bad.

The systems are creating politicians who talks but not leaders like CEOs who manage and motivate. You will have talkers saying “we must equip ourselves with soft skills and bla…bla…bla…” but these people have no idea how to do so, how to design an activity to reach this objective, and how not to make it a random activity. Read

I see Malaysia has a very unhealthy culture of over-politicking at every level and field of our society. This is a dangerous trend, especially to be seen in the student organizations. You see, we are teaching talkers and not thinkers. Imagine, a country where the loudest would win, and when the citizens don’t trust the government they would turn to blogs and believe everything in there without thinking rationally. Because we are not teaching our people to THINK but we are teaching our people to TALK. Ask ourselves why we can paste poster, spread leaflets and manifestos if we can ensure that students have cheap healthy foods, unquestionable supply of water and electricity, comfortable living conditions and a proper learning environment. Students don’t care about Pro-M, Pro-U, PMI, and MPP or not. We just want the stuff I mentioned earlier are met. And I’m DEAD SURE all UPMers are facing those issues to a certain extent. If we cannot guarantee theses necessities, do we need to think about ideologies and political standing?

MPP and MTP must change its view point from being the student “government” to a “corporation”. A corporation that supplies what students need. If students want to acquire soft skills and experience, they must plan how to do it like a corporation, implement it like a corporation, and evaluate their “products” like a corporation, and improve their “products”. Not waste time and manifesto and propaganda that give way to fancy projects (attended by VIPs I’m sure) after the election. We as students are your priority. We always were and always will.

To end, I will give a warning. If any of your readers think this is a political motive message influence the outcome of the coming university election, then UPM and Malaysia has no hope. I just want my food cheap and healthy, my college’s water keep running and my exam result wont fail. Is that too hard to understand?


  1. Haha!
    And politicians like to talk so long windedly ending up people don't know what they are talking.. at least that was what i see from MPP rep at K17, they can talk so much, so long, using so many bombastic words..yet without substance. In the end if you ask them what is their point they can't give you.

    And I still don't understand why malaysia can't see this problem. or was it that they saw yet didn't care to make a change? or that they think this is 'right'.

  2. There's a saying;
    Ask a politician a question, he'll give you a political answer.
    Ask an academician a question, he'll give you an academic answer.

    So if you want bedtime story ask the politicians, you want an honest answer, go ask the professors.

    But nonetheless, I do belief there are reasons why your MPP rep could be winding up things. There are too many unneccessary barriers in UPM and it ain't easy to execute duties as an MPP. Sometimes I just question the relevance of MPP after most of their duties are taken over by others.

  3. Thanks to the mantan MPP president, for leaving a comment at my aesthetically inferior blog,
    For your Information, you're the second person to leave me a comment after Rue Hann (the girl before you)

    And for Rue Hann, add my blog to ur blog list...pls....pls...pls...

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  5. Wonderful. How good if your thoughts can be Their thoughts too. =)

    It's all about doing the right things and doing things right, yea?? =)

    Cheers matez.

  6. oh..i haven't updated ur link ke?
    okay okay!!
    sorry i go update now!!!

  7. iiii
    There's a saying;
    Ask a politician a question, he'll give you a political answer.
    Ask an academician a question, he'll give you an academic answer.

    diorg cakap mcm2, 200% sy xsetuju...
    saya cakap:
    pandai+idea+cakap= prof.,2

    jadi masukkan 1 dlm 2...
    so prof pun kena ada politik br tercapai politik perlu bila ada idea+cakap
    idea= cadangan+kritikan+penyelesaian masalah+...
    cakap= menyampaikan+menegur+mengkritik+memo.+....

    cuma ada kurikulum tersirat disebalik sistem yang ada skang..
    sebab terjadinya penyelewengan dan penyalah gunaan kuasa, faedah untuk kroni je atau masalah lain..
    sistem tidak menyatakan perlu;
    sidiq=membenarkan= menyatakan, menegakkan KEBENARAN +menafikan yang xbetul (DARI SEGI AGAMA+KEMANUSIAAN+ETIKA)
    amanah= jujur+beretika+ xkhianat+ xrasuah

    so sy melihat ini satu pakej;
    politik+akademik(bijaksana,idea)+siddiq+ amanah = kesinambungan kepimpinan( scr individu atau organisasi) (ter)baik di universiti atau selain universiti.

    so dalam masalah krisis yang dinyatakan sy melihat seperti formula diatas. mungkin susah untuk faham=]. SEBAGAI CONTOH masalah harga makanan.
    harga (makanan)= kuantiti +kualiti;
    harga tinggi=kualiti tinggi @ kuantiti tinggi
    kita dapat,
    harga tinggi=kualiti(biasa)+kuantiti(biasa atau kekdg lg sket)
    so sudah nampak xikut formula secara logik diatas=masalah (mungkin anda hy menyatakan satu masalah matematik tapi sy kata ini masalah sistem dan sistim ini menghasilkan anda, sy,prof, politikus dan masyarakat secara keseluruhannya)
    so penyelesai'n masalah= ckap+idea (cadangan atau rasa xpuas hati);
    so masalah = politik ;
    so politik adalah penyelesaian masalah dan xmasalah itu politik
    tp masalah tak selesai???
    pihak1 +(atau) pihak kedua = xth apa kebenaranya + tidak jujur dalam menyampaikan(mungkin melindungi kroni atau ada kepentingan individu tertentu) [atau salah satu=logik atau maka; betul+salah=salah]
    so tidak dapat tidak mungkin kes ini berkembang hy pada sekitar kita tanpa sebarang perubahan atau terlalu sikit perubahan atau mungkin hy didiamkan. tp untk isu makanan hy sedikit perubahan kerana masalah politik luar byk pengaruh dalam kes ini.
    so sebenarnya klu anda bleh faham fikiran saya ini rankaian masalah seperti ini terjadi dalam politik luar atau kampus atau dalam kelas. kerana hilang amanah+siddiq maka menyebabkan pakej politik yang sy maksudkan OKU( istimewa=] atau kuang upaya) so disini bukan untuk menyatakan siapa salah atau salah siapa tp hy sebuah pendapat hy mungkin didelete atau hy diabaikan...
    namun bermulanya pemikiran ini sy rasa klu yang ada kuasa dan diberi kuasa mempunyai pakej politik yang sy maksudkan... sekurang2nya kita membetulkan sistem yang ada dan tidak secara 100% menyokong sistem yang ada tetapi tetap akur pada pemerintah.
    so sudah pasti sy byk disebelah pro-M dan hy sedikit sbh aspirasi mungkin dan prinsip individu seseorg calon MPP itu sendiri... namun sya melihat

    susah untuk menyelesaikan masalah klu xde politik.klu xde masalah masyarakat maka kita xde politik jadi kurangkan masalah serious mantapkan politik=]




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