Friday, December 5, 2008

Be. You.

I realized something. If you check out the chat box at the far right of this blog you can see rue hann saying "BU rox", which then I looked at the blog's logo. I realized the logo's acronym is BU, as in "Be You!" It sounds so cool, and fits my persona. Remember, "you think I care?!"

Being you is important. Yeah, I’m sure you heard this before in motivational talks, cheesy, feel good, children movies. But it is still important. Usually, the need to be yourself would be most evident when you are under pressure and in conflict. If you are in a weaker position then another party then you are easily influenced to follow the stronger party either by provocation, intimidation or just as an act of avoiding conflict. However, this causes the weaker party to follow the stronger part even though if it is the wrong thing to do. This is where integrity and character plays its part.

There is an easy way and a right way to everything. In order to see the difference, you must have the integrity of the heart towards ethical behavior, and the intelligence and objectivity of the mind to choose the right decision. You see, usually the hardest thing to do is actually the right thing to do. So, when you face a dilemma remember these things. Somebody would do something the easy way, but that’s not an excuse for you to the easy way too, because the easy way is not worth it. Do things for the right reasons. For me, one way to identify is something is ethical is just a simple of process asking me, if someone else would do it to me, would I like it. Only with a strong grasp of ethics or religion would ensure our integrity, then would we be able to push away the lure of corruption.

But most of the time people get influenced by something that is more innocent in nature. Have you heard the word “peer pressure”? We are easily influenced by our friends and colleagues. Even, in consumer behavior studies, there is known something as opinion leaders. They are a group of people, who are approached by their friends and families for their opinions. Sometimes it’s just hard to say no to your friends. But some things you must be firm about, even to your friends. I hear so many times, individuals chasing after their peers approval and recognition. Agreeing to everything your peers say is not the way to get their approval. And that is what most people do. But this is a matter of character.

Character is a big part of our identity and it also determines how we react to our situations. Character is shaped by nature and nurture. By nature I mean genetics, and nurture I mean by our experiences. We cannot change much that is given by Mother Nature, but we can control our experiences. Our friends, our curricular activities, our education, our hobbies are the things we can control. What is important is to acquire experience INTERACTING with the people and issues that we are passionate in, and doing them for the right reasons.
I’m proud to be myself, and you should too. And not let anyone says otherwise about you. After all, you are what you think you are. So, BE YOU.

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  1. wah..
    am so honored my name written in this post! :P
    ok, just a minute of self-indulgement. :P



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