Monday, December 22, 2008

Tea with the YDP: Student Club and Organisations

Hi, this is my second part of the video, again, sorry for the sound quality...

I suggest you guys also read this article,

If you read the article I suggested before, you have seen me argued that all student activities must have certain criteria. But I like to discuss some of the criteria again with further clarity.


I see a lot of clubs having no objective. They would waste time like on things the students don’t want or need like forcing students to put slippers in their rooms, traditional games day and etc, while issues like motorcycle safety, quality of activities are abandoned. Study your vision and mission. If it’s not good, remake them. From there, setup your clubs goal. It’s important for the club’s leader to create synergy between the organization/club and members of the club.

It would also be good for you to construct your own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), a measurement of the club’s success. For example, the club must have 50 active members. Usually, students are afraid to make goals because they are afraid their club would fail. Students clubs also do not make their members accountable for their work, which make students have a half-assed attitude towards doing the activities.
And for those people who waste time jadi ajk makanan, ajk perhiasan and all that meaningless crap. Start to do something that contribute to your personal development or professional development. You think when you are collecting sijil banyak2…sijil presiden ini, sijil activity itu, baguih sangat…read this post…


I see, especially in college, where people group themselves in too many gangs. Usually, these people do things together a lot and rarely mix around with others. They would usually join the same activities. Like I said in the video, it’s not good in getting new perspectives and experience. Like I said in the video, if the organizer is same college, the facilitator is same college, and even the delegates are the same college, wtf? I apologize to my college friends, for not taking part in your activities, you might see me as arrogant but the fact I am don’t have time and I don’t really want to join your activities. (sweat…hope that didn’t sound too harsh) Anyway, AIESEC is a very intense experience with the way we are taught to run it like a company. But I do not regret it one bit because if I were to join some secretariat or MTM in college, I would learn nothing and not be what I am now. (Don’t get me wrong, the MTM exels only when there is a strong person leading it, which was not in my case) See my friends post about his experience as an AIESECer and AIESEC Malaysia’s blog. People might say AIESEC is an elite club, but we never meant it to be that way. We are not Golden Key. Click here to see what AIESEC is all about. I chose to stay at AIESEC because it has all the criteria I said that is needed for students excel. Actually, I based those criteria on my observation of AIESEC. I think people say AIESEC is elite, because you can see that AIESECers are a bit above other students (maybe except in CGPA like in my case :p) because the ‘syllabus’/experiences we go through in AIESEC changes us to be that way. Okay, enough on AIESEC, dun wan people say I promote AIESEC pulak.

There are more I like to say about this issue but I want to keep it short today. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more on my theories of student club management. That's all

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