Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you happy?

Are you happy? I know I am

How do you know you are happy or not?

Do you feel good about yourself? Are you cool being in your own skin? Or do you hate yourself, always comparing yourself to other people, admiring their strengths and blaming your weaknesses. To me happiness starts with being proud of yourself, no matter your weaknesses, because the worst thing you can do to yourself is to let you, yourself lose your self-confidence, and even-worse your dignity. Admitting you're wrong at something, or being humble is not the same thing as losing your dignity, ok?In fact, it helps, what can't kill you, makes you stronger.

You mus learn to appreciate your-self. The good, the bad. During the good times and especially during the bad times. Don't forget to remind yourself, you are special in your own way. Good friends are sure to help you do so when you're in a slump.

I have another definition of happiness, but i think it applies to some, not all. To me, I think happiness is the feeling of growth, accomplishment or success. Not financial or career success but more of a success as a human being. Being more experiences, mature and knowledgeable. If i were to stuck working at an office for years doing paper work, i would feel really sad and loser-like, because i have not 'grown'. Other people, might not see this as happiness but at least this is consistent to my first point, appreciating yourself. Because this is how I can appreciate myself.

Read this article by khailee. I think why the research shows that watching TV makes you unhappy, is because you are using too much time doing something unproductive. You are not achieving. I watch TV also, but i think too much TV robs you of your potential, robs you of the time for you to do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

At the end of the day, only you yourself determine how happy you are, and that depends on how good you see yourself.So are you happy by my definition?


Monday, January 26, 2009

Creating a Vision for your student organization

Have you ever done a lot of planning in your organization but end up failing to implement it? Or maybe, you planned some activity but the outcome was not well received or did not make the impact you desired? There could be million reasons for why that would happen and one of them might be because you as the leader do not have a clear direction of what the organisation is trying to do or which direction you want to bring the organisation to.

You see, I know this MTM where the students are facing a few problems, one of them includes the loss of their belongings, there were a few cases of stolen motorbikes. Some suggestions were given, some are good some are bad, but at the end of the day, all of them was not entertained. Instead, the issue turned into a compulsory new rule that makes us put our shoes and slipper inside our room so that the place looks tidy. Just for your information we as the students (meaning students who are not appointed and have representative power) are able to get some shoe racks. Anyway, the point is, should'nt the safety of student property should be a priority, after all, if you can get shoe racks for everybody, why can't this problem be dealt with first? Whatever the reason, I think this problem would not be faced if the people who are responsible have a clear understanding of their role and also their mission and vision.

So, today I want to share how t0 create a proper vision and mission statement. Before we go on i need to make sure you understand why do we need to have a vision and mission statement. Im sure you have seen your college has a vision and mission statement. In fact all profesional organisation has them but in your college it is only there for decorational purposes, why? because Malaysian people do it just for the sake of doing it, like ISO, what's the point of doing ISO audit if students expectations are still not met. Anyway, a vision and mission statement is useful for you to do your planning later, and also it helps to remind you what you need to focus on. Like the MTM I mentioned earlier they should focus on our issues not their pursuit of tidyness of college hallways (compared to missing motorbikes, i think hallway tidyness is a small issue)

So how do you do it? Well, first you need to get your team. A vision and mission statement is for the whole organisation so your team must be in it too. Once, your team is ready, make sure the atmosphere is good for sharing because you and your team need to be open, honest and sincere in the discussion. This is not some crappy game you play in some kononnya leadership camp.

Now, ask yourself and your team what do you think your organisation should do? What is your organisations reason for existence? What is it's objectives? Ask big general questions and get your team to start discussing, don't let anyone dominate. I know students are either too shy or too much of a showoff but work on it. It will also help if you ask you're team to draw or make their own story of what your oragnisation is and what it should be doing. The key here is to talk, discuss and interact owth your whole team. Your objective it to get to see some recuuring terms, ideas, concepts that all your team members have something in common.

Once, you have achieved this, you can start to build your vission statement. You can do your own research but basically a vision statement is what your organisation wants to become. This is UPM's vision statement: "To become a university of international repute"and my blog's vision is "To be the number one source to find student-issue related articles" It might still be quite general but it is enough for you start doing your mission statement followed by your goals. Start doing your vision and get a consensus of the vision. Your vision must be specific enough to tell what field or interest your club is pursuing. And also, the vision must be able to tell what your organisation is pursuing, "to be no. one", "to become..." and etc. Do all this on a mahjong paper, and write it really big, so your team would see it as their accomplishment. A vision or mission statement are just word (like in the college offices) if the team do not appreciate or understand it's values, than it is no use doing it.

At this stage, you are still only at the beginning, the vision alone cannot help you much in planning, later I will share how to create a mission statement. But at least this vision you have made now is able to shed some light on the direction your club wants to takes, and would be able to motivate your team. Stay tuned for more...

This is the first article of my Student Organizational Excellence Series. So don't forget to come back...

The next article is here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My campus election experience…

It was surprisingly short, I just went inside my designated hall, register my matric card, obtained my password, went to the ballot stand, clicked on the necessary button (it was a computer), and clicked on random pictures, oh shit…those pictures are there for me to vote is it…ooohhh. Now I know…well, I just clicked on the good looking girls only…then when all the pretty girls ran out…I just clicked the pictures closest to where my mouse cursor is at. When you finished…you were greeted by a celebratory sound from the computer congratulating you. So high-tech nowadays. And it all took 5 minutes max for me.

This is the part I get very critical. All the candidates are not allowed to openly campaign. Well, I’m not sure about that but I do not hear any manifestos, any pamphlets (legal ones anyway), no speeches or posters. Of course there are people campaigning through alternative channels like blogs and friendster. At most you can see your faculty candidates wearing formal and greeting you. The problem with this, without all the things I mentioned above, it is not much of an election in the first place. Campaign candidates need to learn how to campaign, and voters need to learn how is the democratic process is done. (If you can call this election democracy la…lol) So by not allowing candidates not to campaign you are defeating one purpose of having a student election.
The second thing is I don’t think that there is much transparency is the system especially when you vote you need to insert your matric card. I see no purpose doing this at the polling station. This creates doubts among the students and also decreases the students trust in the system. The students already don’t care about the student politics, and now you’re scaring them, well actually I think students just click not thinking of the consequences. Even if they did try their best to pick good candidates, it will be based on insufficient or inaccurate data.

I saw in the newspapers about how UM was won by Pro-Mahasiswa, and UPM a.k.a opposition was won by Pro-university a.k.a government but as far as I know I was voting for my faculty and also calon bebas only. In the display, there was no mentioning of such alignments. Are we supposed to find that by ourselves? Minimizing campaigning efforts does not help us in any way. Or is it Pro-M and Pro-U is irrelevant to us ‘ignorant’ students of UPM. If it is so, why newspapers or anyone for that matter, bother that Pro-U have won UPM.

Do the voters know how the candidates will represent us? Or know what the candidates are voted for? Do the candidates themselves know what their job description will be? Will they be in a senate or parliament and would be on equal grounds with administrators to debate issues, or they are only to “memupuk semangat hidup sebagai suatu perbadanan di kalangan pelajar Universiti” or “menjalankan apa-apa aktiviti lain sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh Lembaga dari semasa ke semasa.” This is taken from AUKU 2006, tak tau la still have or not. I personally feel that we are not viewed as mature, responsible although young, adults. And we have people asking why uni students are dumb, no critical thinking abilities and etc.

Are we really serious about all this election fiasco? Do we want a democracy, or we just want to show that we have a democracy? I think student politics have really lost its relevance with students. Students will survive and universities will go on without the election a sad but true statement. I see this event as mistrust towards us students. If students are not given the trust to help in the administration of the organization or if you don’t value our perspectives, then why go through the hassle. If you don’t want us to help you, and then fine, just say so and don’t force us to do things we would rather replace with other much more productive things. The only people who care are the candidates. Itupun, mereka tak dapat mengalami suasana pilihanraya sebenar.

I do believe there are other avenues for students to develop themselves but as far as I’m concern of student politics, it’s as sucky as real politics, is this the culture you want to teach future leaders? heh

Friday, January 16, 2009

How to do your final year project's survey online?

Right now, I'm in my final semester and quite busy doing my final year project. Fortunately I have collected my data and about to start analysis, need help though, I suck at statistics.

Anyway, I want to share with you all how to use google forms to do you final year project's can use your email to send the survey to all your friends..or put it in your blog/website like i did below:

So anyway, this is how you it...

1.Go to

You'll see this, and sign in, if you don't have a gmail account...make one now by pressing "sign up"

2.You will see this on you internet browser...

3.Click on new, then on form...if you cannot see what i wrote next to the the picture for a better view

 will see this..

experiment with the question types...i'm sure all these are enough to any type of question in you questionnaire...
Under the question types you can use a few types of question:
Text: Respondents give Short answers
Paragraph: Respondents give Long Answer
Multiple Choice: Respondents choose one answer out of all the choices you have given them
Checkboxes: Tick a lot of answers from a list of answers you have given them
Scale 1-n: Use this to make likert scale and other scaled questions....

5.Distributing your survey...

you can send the survey thru all,hotmail and etc.

6.Collecting you data...
the next time u log in to will see the name of you survey's it..and an excel file will appear...that is the findings of your survey....

i hope u guys understand what I'm teaching today, and would be able t use it well.

If you have any problems,check their help page, you're an adult now, you can fend for yourself...

PS: I got 160 respondents in 2 weeks....but you need a lot of contacts to do so la...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you seen the AUKU?

This is it...

quite boring...all calon mpp...nak tunjuk pandai sgt...cuba hafal pindaan yg menjaga kepentingan pelajar...

PS: rasanya nih version yg dah lama....2006 i think

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea with the YDP: the Last Lecture

This is the last part of the series, dedicated to all UPMers by our exYDP MPP UPM. Make sure you listen and reflect on them. Especially on what he says about intentions of people who joins the MPP...

If u guys think you want to do an interview wif me, pls contact my email...I'm sure I can try to become like katie couric shooting Sarah Palin...if you dont know what im talking about...malu la u...;P

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tea with the YDP: Student Politics

This is the third part of our interview, and we're talking about student politics, I also suggest reading one of my previous post titled "Unnecessary Politics in the MPP and MTP System"
It was before I made the interviews so I was quite critical in some of my points and also quite emotional ;P

I really hate when student leaders who show off, like for example where they would really copy politicians by starting a speech saying "salam muhibah, salam harmoni" and the longest i heard is "Salam perubahan untuk siswa-siswi bersatu" in a forum i was browsing through, LOL. So BS betul la. I have a problem with them if they do this kind of thing and not perform in their responsibilty. I don't really blame all of them because it is the culture in Malaysia to overpoliticize everything in every field and at every level.

Actually students don't have a lot of power, below is a list of the MPPs power as stated as in the AUKU.
UUCA 52 (10)
Tujuan dan fungsi MPP ialah untuk:
(a) memupuk semangat hidup sebagai suatu perbadanan di kalangan pelajar Universiti;

(b) tertakluk kepada arahan Naib Canselor, menyusun dan menyelia kemudahan kebajikan pelajar di Universiti termasuk kemudahan rekreasi, aktiviti kerohanian dan keagamaan, dan pembekalan makanan dan minuman;

(c) membuat rayuan kepada Naib Canselor mengenai segala perkara yang berhubungan dengan atau berkenaan dengan keadaan hidup dan kerja pelajar Universiti;

(d) diwakili dalam mana-mana badan yang boleh, mengikut sesuatu Kaedah yang dibuat oleh Lembaga bagi maksud itu, dilantik untuk menjalankan aktiviti kebajikan pelajar di Universiti; dan

(e) menjalankan apa-apa aktiviti lain sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh Lembaga dari semasa ke semasa.

Membuat rayuan only ar? sweat...and I have people I know who are so bangga becoming student leader...not all la...some

But you know what is the funny thing? A lot of students never read the AUKU. Even me. I tried finding the AUKU document and it took me quite some time to find it. If you know of a website, please tell me. In fact, it was so hard to get it I'm not gonna give you the link, find yourself. While I was looking for it I passed through many blogs and websites. After going through a lot of them, I think AUKU is over-politicized, you have politicians (including the student kind) shouting and crying about AUKU. But in all the websites i went through, did not refer to any article in the AUKU and show its negative effect to Student. One did mention, but unless you're a criminial you dont need to worry. Most of the people would say "NO AUKU, AUKU BAD, AUKU DETERIORATES EDUCATION" but does not elaborate by refering to the actual act. I think these people are just using AUKU for political reasons, in fact in the points raised, it does not relate to students basic well-being. But a point raised by an ex-NC of a renowned local university does say something worth thinking about AUKU. I'm not anti-AUKU but until students leaders can take care of students' basic needs, no need to talk about abolishing AUKU la. I can still study and have fun in uni but of course I agree some things in uni are not good because of office politics and etc.

Anyway, students are not smart enough to live without AUKU. With AUKU, there is still political party influence, without AUKU, they will sure be brainwashed by foreign parties, government, countries and underground influences that can undermine the country. Students are like this because we are not mature enough, we are not encourage to think but to follow and do (tha's why uni have a lot of dancing/acting activitites or competitions) There is one blog says AUKU makes students learn technial/operational knowledge and less on thinking. Making students machines and not thinkers. Of course the blog has no evidence but is it true? As long as my student leader forces students to put slippers in my room (only achievement last semester), AUKU will continue to be unchallenged.

Anyway, enough fo now, I'm sure i will talk a lot about students politics in the coming posts. I tried to download the AUKU but cannot's the link AUKU , try yourselves la...I know I said I don't want to share the AUKU but I cannot download muka aku. Siapa dapat, e-mailkan kat aku yerk.

PS: For my college friends, not everything I do must be AIESEC stuff. I oso do other things la. Lain kali tanya kat sumber, tak payah malu-malu. Aku offer gak sesi kaunseling percuma untuk semua topik kecuali topik percintaan ;P


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