Friday, January 2, 2009

Tea with the YDP: Student Politics

This is the third part of our interview, and we're talking about student politics, I also suggest reading one of my previous post titled "Unnecessary Politics in the MPP and MTP System"
It was before I made the interviews so I was quite critical in some of my points and also quite emotional ;P

I really hate when student leaders who show off, like for example where they would really copy politicians by starting a speech saying "salam muhibah, salam harmoni" and the longest i heard is "Salam perubahan untuk siswa-siswi bersatu" in a forum i was browsing through, LOL. So BS betul la. I have a problem with them if they do this kind of thing and not perform in their responsibilty. I don't really blame all of them because it is the culture in Malaysia to overpoliticize everything in every field and at every level.

Actually students don't have a lot of power, below is a list of the MPPs power as stated as in the AUKU.
UUCA 52 (10)
Tujuan dan fungsi MPP ialah untuk:
(a) memupuk semangat hidup sebagai suatu perbadanan di kalangan pelajar Universiti;

(b) tertakluk kepada arahan Naib Canselor, menyusun dan menyelia kemudahan kebajikan pelajar di Universiti termasuk kemudahan rekreasi, aktiviti kerohanian dan keagamaan, dan pembekalan makanan dan minuman;

(c) membuat rayuan kepada Naib Canselor mengenai segala perkara yang berhubungan dengan atau berkenaan dengan keadaan hidup dan kerja pelajar Universiti;

(d) diwakili dalam mana-mana badan yang boleh, mengikut sesuatu Kaedah yang dibuat oleh Lembaga bagi maksud itu, dilantik untuk menjalankan aktiviti kebajikan pelajar di Universiti; dan

(e) menjalankan apa-apa aktiviti lain sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh Lembaga dari semasa ke semasa.

Membuat rayuan only ar? sweat...and I have people I know who are so bangga becoming student leader...not all la...some

But you know what is the funny thing? A lot of students never read the AUKU. Even me. I tried finding the AUKU document and it took me quite some time to find it. If you know of a website, please tell me. In fact, it was so hard to get it I'm not gonna give you the link, find yourself. While I was looking for it I passed through many blogs and websites. After going through a lot of them, I think AUKU is over-politicized, you have politicians (including the student kind) shouting and crying about AUKU. But in all the websites i went through, did not refer to any article in the AUKU and show its negative effect to Student. One did mention, but unless you're a criminial you dont need to worry. Most of the people would say "NO AUKU, AUKU BAD, AUKU DETERIORATES EDUCATION" but does not elaborate by refering to the actual act. I think these people are just using AUKU for political reasons, in fact in the points raised, it does not relate to students basic well-being. But a point raised by an ex-NC of a renowned local university does say something worth thinking about AUKU. I'm not anti-AUKU but until students leaders can take care of students' basic needs, no need to talk about abolishing AUKU la. I can still study and have fun in uni but of course I agree some things in uni are not good because of office politics and etc.

Anyway, students are not smart enough to live without AUKU. With AUKU, there is still political party influence, without AUKU, they will sure be brainwashed by foreign parties, government, countries and underground influences that can undermine the country. Students are like this because we are not mature enough, we are not encourage to think but to follow and do (tha's why uni have a lot of dancing/acting activitites or competitions) There is one blog says AUKU makes students learn technial/operational knowledge and less on thinking. Making students machines and not thinkers. Of course the blog has no evidence but is it true? As long as my student leader forces students to put slippers in my room (only achievement last semester), AUKU will continue to be unchallenged.

Anyway, enough fo now, I'm sure i will talk a lot about students politics in the coming posts. I tried to download the AUKU but cannot's the link AUKU , try yourselves la...I know I said I don't want to share the AUKU but I cannot download muka aku. Siapa dapat, e-mailkan kat aku yerk.

PS: For my college friends, not everything I do must be AIESEC stuff. I oso do other things la. Lain kali tanya kat sumber, tak payah malu-malu. Aku offer gak sesi kaunseling percuma untuk semua topik kecuali topik percintaan ;P

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