Saturday, February 21, 2009

Entrepreneurship is really is...

• Entrepreneurship is not only about making money

Just because you are selling dadih or keropok at your college does not mean you are an entrepreneur. And just because you’re not selling, does not mean you are not an entrepreneur. Go and search for Grameen Bank in the internet. This Bank were the pioneers of Micro-Credit Banking and it stated with a desire to improve the community. This is a good example of social entrepreneurship. You are using your entrepreneurship spirit, your skills, ideas and resources to make a change (not profit) in the society.

• Entrepreneurship starts with innovation, continues with skill and knowledge.

An entrepreneur starts with a good and unique idea. If all the colleges in UPM have people selling dadih and you also want to sell dadih, then, you are not entrepreneur. America is the number one country in product innovation and business process innovation. Why do you want to buy iPod and iPhones? Because it’s new, fun and innovative. Idea alone is not enough, you need the skill (managerial skills) and knowledge (experience and information) to turn the idea into reality. There are many people who have good ideas but why do they fail? Because they have no skills, desire and determination. So, if you say you are an entrepreneur,ask yourself whether are you creative? And are you good enough to turn dreams into reality?

• Entrepreneurship is not what you do, it’s how you do it...

What is the difference between McDonalds and your normal road side burger stall? They are selling the same thing, burgers, right? The difference is that McDonalds have a system. A business model, a system that manages marketing, operations, logistics, human resource and etc. In fact that is why McD is called a franchise. A franchise is the license to use a business model/system. So McD is not really selling burgers but it is is selling the opportunity to use a proven business concept. So, just selling burgers or kuih-muih at entrepreneurship carnivals is nothing, but how you sell it makes you an entrepreneur.

• Entrepreneurship is an attitude, mentality and a state of mind

In my previous 3 points, I talked about Ideas, Entrepreneurship spirit, skill, knowledge and system. Have I talked about money, products or investments? No. Because before you start thinking about those things you must understand that entrepreneurship is an attitude, mentality and a state of mind. If you have the right mind set of entrepreneurship, anything you do will be success. But if you don’t, you will easily get tricked like joining MLM, BuluhMas, Get Quick Scheme and etc.


  1. wow..ur entrepreneurial post may upset those dadih-man and burger-man aspiring to be big..but i have to say what u posted do make sense..entrepreneurial is more than that.its a totality of skills and capability with some degree of knowledge..
    imagine if tony F only thinks of being the air steward selling keropok..goodness..maybe we only hav airkeropok ( :p

  2. Remember, "Entrepreneurship is not what you do, it’s how you do it..."

    Selling Dadih/Keropok is not wrong, Starting small is not wrong...

    What is wrong is that university students seeing selling Dadih and Keropok as Entrepreneurship and do not see more than that. Uni students are supposed to be educated people. We should posses a greater degree of mental maturity, display further far-sightedness, bigger dreams and more accurate analysis and more complex and sophisticated ideas.

    There are many who succeed as entrepreneurs out there, and a lot of them don't have university degrees.

    So why do we still pursue tertiary education? Because to get a wider perspective, acquire more knowledge and skills, a different level of thinking than average people...

    So at least our aspiration as entrepreneurs must reflect that...

    thx for relpying randall...



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