Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Majlis Ramah Mesra Pelajar MPP

So yesterday I went to the 'Majlis Ramah Mesra MPP', I'm not a professional journalist but I wanted to go and see what did our votes get ourselves into.

Here are a few videos tha might be able to show what was the atmosphere at the event:

Well, I hope that can give you an impression of the event and of our newly elected MPP Cabinet.

Here are some the Qs and As. I had changed the question and answers to a very straight forward and blunt way so it's easy for u guys to read. The answers were very long winded (typical), if the answers were lost in my translation, I'm ok with rectyfiying it by apologizing in this blog and making any other changes necessary. And I will also add my own commentary when necessary.

The Issue: The perception of students to ward the MPP
The Answer: We cannot see what students and each other feel(perception), it is abstract, we are bound to each other perspective so there is resolution, we need to rectify this perception

The Issue: Conflict between the MPP and Administrators
The Answer: It's about looking for a win-win situation, diplomacy. Knowledge is important. Having boycotts unnecessarily might not be effective.
My views: The situation we are in might be a win-win situation, but i'm sure the students are not the one winning.

The Issue: Hapuskan Desasiswa
The Answer: A legal issue, the contract is made, cannot be made void, can be re-assesed
My views: Desasiswa is the contract owner that holds the cafe and rents to the small operators at a high rent. Where the cost is passed on to us students. If a government can buy again the concession agreements of highways, why not do the same for Desasiswa. New contracts/agreement can be made it's just a matter of political will. Afterall, by normal business standards there not many who do 15 year contracts.

The issue: K17 cafe and bus facillities sux
The answer: Will think of a way to urge the cafe operators to fulfill the needs of the students. The method is kaunter aduan. We need proof to show to administrators, that proof is your aduan.

The Issue: MPP is a medium not a 'penyelesai'
The answer: Agrees with the above statement.
My Views: Students have no where to turn to for their problems except you. If you cannot 'menyelesaikan' their problems who can, who will , who wants to. The administrators are already busy with their current job's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

My Issues: Students have no power
My Answer: The avenues we are given to address our issues are so limited. With all the MPP candidates that had been chosen, only the prez will go in the senate, You might be a good leader, but in the senate where there are all experienced deans and admins, you think your voice can be heard or considered?
The Jawatankuasa Kebajikan Pelajar is not compulsory to be joined by an MPP representatitve (as stated in AUKU 2006-the version i can find), Sabrie had started joining i last year, if i'm not mistaken. It's called Jawatankuasa Kebajikan PELAJAR, why are we not in it?Even in the AUKU the job description says any action needs approval of TNC, that's not really power. How can we influence anyone if we have no power? At least the power to initiate an effort by the relevant parties. If we can't make decisions, can we at least have the power to get the decision makers to make the decisions. Please think of ways to increase your influence. MPP might be medium between students and admins. But it means nothing if the admins dont care about us students and take us seriously.

My Issues: Students have no idea what you are doing
My answer: We have no idea what you are planning and how you guys do your work, procedures and such. Enlighten us with the process if you say we normal studenst, "just don't understand". Update us on the troubles you are going through in dealing with admins. In blogs would be best. We dont want to know what activties you are having, we just want to know if our bus will be operating good enough and etc.

My issues: There is no admin responsible for student satisfaction
My Answer: How come there are no one in UPM admin who has KPIs pertaining to student needs, whereby if he fails in taking care of students basic needs as defined in the KPIs he will be sacked.

From what i see, the MPP have no idea on how to manage themselves as an organization, they are good politicians and talkers I'm sure, but they do not know how to use proven managerial techniques. For example, that night they did show their mission and vission. But what as students we want to know their goals, action plans and priorities. Mission and Vision does not change every time a new MPP board is made. Only the middle and short term goals change.
Construct KPIs to show students your progress at the end of your term, publicize the effort you have put for student (if you have any). At the end of the night I have no idea in what way or what should be a new way for the MPP to handle these issues. The MPP have been facing the same issues for years and the results are the same. Think of new ways of adressing our issues effctively. Most of the problem lies in how to get the admins to help us, you dont need to worry about us students, if we do have a problem, you're the first person we'll meet ; p.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Einstein.

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