Saturday, February 14, 2009

You think you're good enough?!!

Last friday, I had to take an interview at this Multinational Corporation, it was just for a 3 month interview but it was still a humbling experience.

Their written test were consisted of English, Mathematics, Logic and an Essay.

I did really bad in the English test, yes, I did. They would give you a text, with some of it underlined and you must choose an alternative text that can replace the underline text most effectively and correctly according to English language. So people, it's no more about grammatical anymore, it's also about getting your message across effectively. So all you students who are so afraid of English, you better get prepared. The higher you want to climb, the more English becomes a necessity.

The mathematics was more of arithmetic, I did quite well. The question was quite tricky in a way it doesnt ask you a straight answer. You need to read it twice, just to be sure.

I also sux at logic. At least that was what the interviewer said, well, he did not exactly say that, but something to that effect. I don't have much to say except to readers who are bookworms and always being spoon fed all this time, you think you can do those questions?

The Essay asked you to do a 3 PAGE ESSAY!!! You have to convey your arguments effectively and clearly. I did well, again that's at least what the interviewer said. Having good points is not enought, you need to get it across well. Brandon said the interviewer said employees need to write reports that their boss would understand in 3 minutes.

Another thing I wan to share is that my resume is not that much. At the interview I only had my AIESEC stuff. I did not have much from high school, I was not performing well then. However, I want to give a little advice, especially those who just want positions so their resume would look good. Make sure the student club that you had joined have given you a good learning experience. It's useless if you have som many positions but you do not learn when you're holding the position or you did nothing to improve that club. You can refer here to see what i think a good club should be.

I don't know whether I can get the internship or not, I did quite mediocre. After all, it was my first interview (other than my AIESEC interview la ;P). I hope I get it. I just be myself during the interview. Thanks for the tips, Dr. Teoh!

Anyway, I would lastly like to conclude there is a lot that university students are still not prepared about their future career. There are still a lot of people who do not know what their future career will be like. Even worse, are some who take the easy road and go to the public sector, without thinking about what they really want in life. Take an active role in shaping your life, you are in the driver's seat, take control.


  1. Really...Good for him...mine was quite short..I'm the last one also...makes you think whether they want to finish their day as soon as possible...sigh



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