Monday, June 22, 2009

Change Or Stay The Same

There are always two forces that are in conflict in the world. The forces of changes and the forces that wants to stay the same, the status quo.

Everytime, everywhere and everyone will face these two conflicts.

When you think that your current job sux, and you want to do something different, like start your own business, wou will start to doubt yourself. Your dreams forces you to change, but doubt comes in and that is the force that wants the status quo to remain.

PPSMI? To be competitive in the world today we must be up to date in terms of knowledge. To have that we must have a good mastery of English. After all, it's a fact nowadays most of academics studies is published in english. But at the same time we dont want to lose our language and culture. We just want things to stay the same.

Everytime we encounter something new or challenge our mindsets, we will have to make a decision. To let it change you with the good and the bad, or you can choose to ignore it and stay the same.

Understand that isolation and segregration brings no good to anyone. Look at China and Japan a few hundred years ago when they had closed door policies. Nothing good came of it, and they finally open up and had reaped the rewards. Look at North Korea, isolated, delusional and ignorant.

Change and improve is the only way to succesd. Survival of the fittest. When Darwin said that he didn't mean survival of the strongest but he meant survival of the most 'fit', survival of those who are able to adapt to surroundings good and fast enough. So are we adapting to changed well enough?

To those who are against change and never give solutions, I say "Go to H*ll!" You're not contributing. Help us to avoid making the wrong changes (Not just let us stay the same only) if not just go away.

Change is good. We just need to make sure the right changes are made.


  1. People need to change sometimes..if necessary..but sometimes people better to stayed the same to avoid conflicts...we're not the same in this country..remember that my friend...

  2. That's very interesting, I made a conflict management session for my club not too long ago for my club at uni. Maybe I can share later.

    There are few ways people deal with conflicts. One of them is 'avoiding' conflicts. Each way have their pros and cons. How do you deal with these conflicts are up to you...

    I personally think avoiding conflict would not make you grow or learn. Eg. you had a fight with a colleague who did something really wrong, would you follow justice, or you let it go because he's a friend.

    The decision you make let's you know what kind of person you are. And if you made the wrong decision you at least know what mistakes to avoid in the future. Only in conflict, only under pressure, when our true selves will be revealed. To know our 'real' selves is important so that we can lead our lives with integrity and principles. At least that's what I think...

    You just gave me an idea for a post...thx

  3. Interesting. I always wonder how can you come out with all sorts of mature thoughts like these? Haha...Well, many of us prefer to stays in our comfort zone in order to protect ourself. Neither do I can escape from this. Because we are used to act according to the way we think.

  4. I read a lot of those motivational books. "How to get rich" Books. "Be successful" Books, stuff like that. And usually they they have one thing in common. You need to change your mindset. Challenge your comfort zone, and have the GREAT desire to achieve something.

    I really believe it, but then maybe it means I'm easily brainwashed. :P

    "act according to the way we think" That's exactly the main points of books like 'The Secret' or books about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Whatever we think about ourselves(good or bad) we will act according to it. So, why not think good things about yourself.

    Anyway, I chose to be optimistic than pessimistic. I chose to be brave, face hardships. Challenge myself.

    How come I can come up with these thought? Again, you will not learn/grow if you are always in you're comfort zone. Put yourself in a challenging situation and once you survive it, you will learn more about yourself. From it come experience, and ultimately maturity. Maturity does not depend on how old you are, but depends on how many and how diverse the experiences and challenges that you faced so far in life.

    What cannot kill you makes you stringer...

  5. Since we're talking about the desire to challenge ourselves, conflict management and comfort zones...

    Why dont you read this:

  6. Haha. I did read some books like Napoleon Hill's success series, Secret of Andrew Carnegie, Dale Carnegie Series, Robert Kiyosaki, the Power of Subconscious Mind. But, to certain extent, I find it hard to apply in real life. I even read the Secret. All of these books emphasized on believing in urself and you can achieve anything that u desire. Ah, maybe I was too pesimisstic then.

    Read the No Man Yes Man. Haha...I'm thinking the way to sort it out properly.

    I think you should post more about NLP. Haha. Enjoy reading your blog.

  7. I will, but that is some high level stuff, I still have a lot to learn...sigh

  8. “If we're growing, we're always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

    John Maxwell



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