Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Man Yes Man

Before I go on, I want to say that if you want be good at something you must not doubt or give excuses why you cannot do a good presentation. I see people saying "I'm not cut out for these kinda thing..." You haven't even really tried, but you say that so easily. Trying is when you have done everything that you can until not much you can do anymore. In Islam, we are familiar with Niat-Usaha-Tawakkal. Niat means intention. Usaha means effort. Tawakkal is a situation when you leave everything to god's hands. Understand that in this context, after you have done everything in your power, THEN you can say I have done everything I can, and will put my fate in god's hand. And to have to make such effort you focused intention not excuses. So, when we say submission to our god it does not mean muslims do nothing and leave everything to god and merely say tragedies are the 'god's doing'. Yet we see among muslims being weak minded and easily controlled, using excuses for not trying to excel. In every of Islam's religious obligations it must start with a niat. We say our intentions before we begin the prayer and etc. I might not be able to explain this well in English or in my blog. Feel free to ask your muslim friends. See, the importance of having the intention, the desire to do something.

NLP or Neurolinguistic programming describes the importance of believing in what you say. If you were to say you are a success, than you will become a success. And not, if you keep saying otherwise. Now, don't just suddenly start saying to yourself, your are successful again and again. It only works if you BELIEVE that you can. NLP says that when you say, you believe. When you believe, you do. Sounds easy and very obvious. But people still don't do it. They doubt themselves. When you doubt yourself, NLP still works. If you doubt you are unsuccessful, then you become unsuccessful. For me, I choose to believe I can, regardless of the situation. Because when you believe (even in a problematic situation), you then start finding solutions to the problem.

My father told me this. If you see, then believe it's normal. But if you believe first, then you belongs to you. For example, when you believe the potential in a business idea of yours, and you managed to turn it into reality, it's yours.

Don't say, "I have no talent as a leader", "I'm not smart like you" and etc. That kind of thinking brings no good to you. We are young. We should never be afraid.

(can also replace 'dead' with 'older' ; )

Have the desire. Not following your desire and giving excuses shows that you really don't desire it so much. Don't make excuses. Understand what you really want. Commit to it. Find solutions to get it. Doubt is there to stop you from making mistakes not to stop you from achieving more.

Just Do It!

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