Tuesday, June 2, 2009

“Those who can...do. Those who can’t...teach”

This is a quote from a movie I watched not long ago but I forgot the name already. I know it starred by the actor known as the lead character of the movie “napoleon dynamite”

Anyway, the quote is trying to say that people who know how to do something, they would do it, and those who cannot, they would rather teach it, meaning being a teacher or a lecturer. For example, if somebody is an expert stock broker, he would use his skills to best benefit himself. But somebody who is a mediocre in that field would just become a lecturer and teach at local universities or colleges. I’m not saying being a lecturer is bad. I’m just saying some people have the mentality to become lecturers without industry experience. Fortunately, my faculty has a lot of lecturers who are either have been in the industry or is active in associations in their respective fields.

But this post isn’t about lecturers it’s about you. Do you want to graduate and then become lecturers straight away? Some universities accept fresh graduates into their teaching staff, but of course you don’t straight become lecturers. But I think a lot of students take for granted the hardships and the importance of a lecturer’s role in the society. Have you seen a teacher who gave you a bad experience? How did that made you feel? When you become a lecturer is that how you will treat your student? Maybe not, but remember how you use to complain about a lecturer not teaching good enough and etc. As a lecturer, you are expected to teach well. Sure, you can laze around and do what some of the lazy lecturers do, but do you wan that. Do you understand how much of a negative impact it would be to your students? By being a lousy lecturer, not only students don’t have enough knowledge, you would also be helping in the shaping of bad attitudes and behavior in your students. Ever heard students say, “No need do the assignment so good, the lecturer also never check properly…”, have you?

A lot of negative behaviors in Malaysia are done because of the bad attitudes shown by our previous generation. I’m sorry uncle and aunties. But what I mean is, if your generation has identified problems like over-politicking, corruption and other bad values, shouldn’t these things be shielded from us, so our generation can start a new. The reality is, we are now ‘taught’ these negative values. We (especially student leaders) ‘see’ the politicking and corruption, even at such a young age, in newspapers, blogs and even when we deal with them in student councils and etc. And when we see our seniors and predecessors doing it, we would see it as normal thing to do. Is this good? Of course, this statement touches on a large and sensitive issue and more elaboration and discussion of the issue is needed. I’m not saying that it’s all the previous generation’s fault, my generation has also made our fair share of mistakes. But we are young, naive and inexperienced. I’m sure the previous generation would agree.

To my generation, lecturers are on the fore-front in shaping the future as you are the one interacting and shaping future leaders. Please take your job seriously if you do want to become lecturers. At best, I think you should find some real world experience. I would like to work in the industry, become a specialist and acquire experience. When I’m old and tired to run around, I can settle down, become a lecture and share my experiences with my students. Students don’t appreciate you reading from power points because they don’t think that what are you are teaching relates to their life. Why? Because you are unable to relate YOUR LIFE with the thing you are teaching.

Best Regards and Be.You.

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