Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time Management Matrix

Everybody would complain that they never have enough time. However, it is possible that you can utilize your time in a better way. To give an idea how to utilize your time in a better way, I introduce to you the Time Management Matrix.

Very easy to understand. You just need to know which of your work is more urgent or more important. Before I go on need to explain, what is Important and what is Urgent.

Important - If you don't do, then the project/work you are doing won't be complete
Urgent - If you don't do it now, you wont finish before deadline. (Some people don't want to make their own deadline, that's why their time management sucks) Or other parts of the project cannot or other people cannot finish before their deadline until you have done your part of the project/work.

High Importance - High Urgency
Do it. Do the work now and focus on it until you are finish. Don't think of anything else.

High Importance - Low Urgency
Postpone it and plan when you want to do it. This is when having a schedule or organizer will make a difference.

Low Importance - High Urgency
Delegate it. Times like these you should learn to delegate. Your team are there to help you in time of need. As the leader you should be able to ask your team for favors in times of need. If not, that's because you are abusing your position. A leader's job is hard, and if you are doing that job well, your team mates would see it and understand.

Low Importance - Low Urgency
Forget It. Just for forget it. Usually, when deadline are getting closer, you cannot do everything and that means your work/project cannot be perfect. Sometimes you need to accept that. As long as you do things for the right reasons and that you had tried your best, you deserve a pat on the back.

I'm not saying I'm good with time management, but at least to me it helps. This tool is not my creation, Just google "time management matrix" . So, hope you can manage your time better with this tool. Show me what you think by dropping me a comment, ok?


  1. I think the time management in very crucial in prioritizing things. I've been loaded with work recently. Hope that I can use this mechanism to fix things. haha. this is the 1st time i come across such matrix. CHEERS!

  2. I know you have a lot of work recently but unfortunately as an intern ppl delegate TO YOU and you ahve no one to delegate too...hehe

    I'm oso the same one man team doing the report...interns...sigh...



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