Friday, July 31, 2009

New Layout, New Year- Renewed Passion


Noticed the new layout and the new logo.

It's been about a year I start blogging and it that time I learned a lot about blogging, about branding my blog and how to promote it. There's still a lot to do.

The first post of this blog is made on August the 4th last year, but I guess I count from the date I registered the blog which might be earlier. Actually, I just can't wait to celebrate the anniversary and the new layout...hehe

I have now seen such clarity about my life and it's future and I think blogging helped me to achieve it. It allows me to express myself, to see myself from another angle and also from your point of views.

I might have been harsh and very opinionated in my posts but that is because I think no one will listen on care about posts with mediocre and mundane analysis. Read this post to see why.

So share with me what you think about the new layout or what you like about my blog. Ok?


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Planning Is One Thing But Implementation Is Another

Previously, I had a few post about planning in student organization but I need to share a few things that you must understand.

SHIT Happens
I always see student clubs do so many meetings, fancy plans and etc but fail when we implement. From my experience, things never go 100% according to plan. Trouble always happens regardless of how good is your planning. There is so much uncertainty. You are one small person against the world. So why would you do planning then?

Prepare for the Worst, Hope fore the Best
This is the mentality you should have when you are doing planning. The reason why students abandon their plans because their plans are not good enough. A good plan is not what a project should be, but a good plan tells you what to do when your project is not what it should be. Do you know that the Boeing747 is designed to break off it's wing if necessary?

Get Your Team Together
Another reason, students fail to follow plan because they don't understand the plan. When, you're doing the plan, were you autocratic?, did other members give suggestions and contribute? If your team is not in the planning process, they will not understand what are the issues. If they do not understand the issues, they do not know what is allowed and what is allowed to change in the plan. And instead they become like statues and do nothing, hoping someone will do something. Even worse, they would just push responsibility to somebody. I know there are a lot of Sampah Masyarakat in Uni who don't focus, join project just for merit and etc but that's not an excuse. Read Laws of Team Working.

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get
I forgot where I got this quote but it means that when you have done so much (planning), the implementation will some how fall into place (into your planning la) because you have done the proper preparations. Try to think from all possible angles, predict the worst case scenario and and prepare solutions for it. What will happen if there is a technical failure, the speaker is late or something? Answer these questions so you don't need to think of the answers at a critical time so you won't panic.

Doing planning is good because:
It uncovers any weaknesses or problem in your project, so solve for it...
You know what to Expect, so prepare for it...
It gives experience for the future, so learn from it...

So how do you know when to stop planning?
  • When everybody has nothing else to discuss (usually typical students always has nothing to discuss..sigh...)
  • When all alternatives/arguments are even in merit in the discussion, so take charge as a leader and choose one
  • You cannot prove either one alternative/solution is the best or not, again leader be dictator, and choose one and move on...all argument from both side are full of people saying "I think...", "I feel...", but no proof.
  • The problems discussed only happens when too many 'IF's of bad things happen (example: caterer didn't bring food, then we give them cookies from store, then the cookies are actually radioactive, then all participant turn into monsters, then the monsters wreck stage, then TNC cannot have speech...something like that, if that is discussed, no need discuss that problem anymore)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Seeds of Success: Definition of Success

Like Randall has pointed out in the seeds of success draft post. I need to define what success is. To me, success is easily define as "to achieve what you want to achieve". Duh...Haha Sounds easy right? But I want to highlight to problems that not everyone achieves this.

Knowing What You Want
The first problem is that a lot of people don't know what they want to achieve. They might say they know what they they want to achieve but actually they only know what the society expects them to achieve. I was listening to flyfm the other day, where they were discussing what would you like to do if you get the chance to go through school again. Amazingly, a lot of them wished they haven't taken biology stream and wouldn't eventually go medic. What probably happened that their parents and adult neigbours would harp around comparing their children's result, boasting about where the child is going to study and etc. Naturally, the mindset that engineering, medial and law is 'best' jobs. Ultimately, students will choose according to these external pressures and do not consider what they themselves want in life.

As for me, I was pushed into engineering, again my intrests were not taken into account, butduring matriculation something happen, I dont remember the exact sequence of events, but I had a paradigm shift, "I would do what I wanted,What I like as my career, only in that way I can excel" So from that moment on I strived to find 'what I like'. At least, know I'm sure I'm going in the right direction.

Knowing That You Can
I was talking with friends about co-curricular, and somehow came up the topic of presentation skills. One friend said, "You can la, Firdaus, You're talented...I cannot". That statement does no good to anyone. You are saying you cannot even before you tried. Read "The Secret", "Law of Attraction" or Neuro-Linguistics Programming Books to know how damaging this kind of mentality hurts your chances of success. You must believe that you can, if you do want something, you will find a way to achievet it. Where there's a will, there's a way. If right now, you're thinking "Talk can la, easy only" or "So much risk and uncertanties before you succeed", the you are a lost cause. Stop reading and just continue your pathetic lives.

I know for a fact that when my goal is clear I need to believe I can do it. I dont need to think what risk or problems I will face, yet. When I am committed to the goal, then I can begin the process of doing research and thinking of solutions for the problems. You need to understand that the more you do something the more you learn, the more peole you meet, and the more oppurtunities you will find.

Knowing How To Achieve Your Success
A lot of people say they want to get rich, but have no idea how to get rich. To do this, you need knowedge but if you don't know what you want and you dont believe that you can, then you would never put enough effort in finding the information you need to succeed. With information, then you can plan how you want to achieve success, but even planning is something you need to learn.

All these problems relate to why we dont achieve what we want or success. Success depends on what we want, and as subjective as it sounds, it's because success really depends just on you. No one else, but you. Anything you say is an excuse. Be.You.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Malay Supremacy - Ketuanan Melayu

A few weeks ago I read a post by Dr M and came upon a comment that caught my intention. It said something that I felt was true yet, but as a Malay I 'terasa' a bit. I'll be sharing my view later on but I need both Malays and Non-Malays to read these articles/blogs below so we can have a better understanding of those who oppose (there are Malays who also oppose) and support this concept of Malay Supremacy.

This is the comment that I was saying earlier,


My comments might sound racial but I am not to provoke or condemn any body here.

But basically this is the result you will get if "you teach the people to earn without working."
Those who protest are mostly are Malay community, they set a standard to themselves and they don't want to move up from there but then hoping for others to come down to their standard.

Because they have been taught, train, educate and even grown such a way.
I still remember you were telling to us during your last week as PM that your major failure is upholding and strengthening the DEB.
Malays become too lazy and don't want to fight for the glory, but depending too much on Government.

1. Provoking to learn something new. (Science and mathematics)
2. Provoking to compete. (UiTM to all races)
3. Provoking for open tenders.
And the list might go on and on….

But I hope DPM (hopefully he is the future PM), can think wisely and revert back the decision.
Or at least Chinese and Tamil schools are allowed to teach in English.
Let’s Bumiputra’s stick with DEB concept till 2020.

Other sites you must go:

What do I say?

Excuses Don't Last Forever

Whatever the excuse (Lack of experience, Lack of Money, Lack Economical Power and Lack of opportunities and etc), it cannot last forever and we will have to someday face the music. Because all those talks about 'pendatang' (they have invested and helped built the nation, you cannot deny that, even the indonesia pendatang have helped build our infrastructure, harvested our oil palms and etc, and in turn build the foundation of our economy), generosity of Malay founders (would you think that people nowadays would care an act of generosity that happened 50 years ago) are based an abstract points. Have you used the same excuse for 50 years? Even considering non-malay Malaysians are the most considerable, respectful and tolerate people in the world we cannot assume or even take for granted the fact that they will continue to tolerate these excuses that the Malay use. I'm sorry for calling them excuses but if it was a valid reason this issue wont be such a ruccus, and politicians cannot play this issue because a valid reason would be so clear cut that no one can debate it anymore. Rights are not inherited, they are earned and born out of respect. Would womankind have their rights if men never gave them respect? No respect, No Rights

Distribution of wealth

I think the difference in economical power is real, look down every row of shops how many of them are Malay-owned. You can talk about GLCs and politician-owned...oops, malay owned companies (elite few who put emphasis on personal wealth building, maybe?) all you want. But that fact aside, we cannot ignore the opportunities that the government have given the Malays (NEP, Mara Scholarships and etc). I have no idea what to say to defend the Malays, because whatever I say are excuses. In fact, I might have an idea why the NEP has not yet reached the target which is my next points.

Overdependance and Misuse of Benefits

Everytime you see an officer misuse public funds, an 'entrepreneur' running away with loans or grants (students with PTPTN also for that matter, lol) or a Malay contractor sub-contracting to Chinese contractors to get...what you call it...'untung atas angin'? These are major flaws in the mentality of ...of anyone, for that matter. Which brings us to the next point.

A Whole List of Wrong Mindsets and Mentalities

There are a lot of wrong mindsets in some (filter a bit, must not be too harsh rite ;P) of the Malays:

Overpoliticking: Everything must depends on who's the boss and what he says, not what's right and best for the community. Bickering and fighting on political issues and not the real issues. Believing in the 'talkers' rather than the 'thinkers'

Entrepreneurship Delusions: Wrong mentality about business and money. It's not about networking with VIPs to get contracts you know, it's more than that.

Much of entrepreneurial success relies on an individual’s ability to be self-motivated, to develop systems, methods, think and work creatively. — Julia Davis

Read more of what I think entrepreneurship really is here.

That's why I am so angry when Malays join MLM, sell Dadih and keropok etc. Got one UPM MTM critisize me that it's okay to do stuff like that because everyone has to start from somewhere, has to start small2. &^%** la....You tell me whether doing those S**t while in Uni can help get job or not? Can help increase the percentage holding of companies by Malay to 30%? Can help make sustainable business that can feed your family? Can you build a business where you can create job opportunities? Can get loan from bank?

Bank Manager: Do you have any previous experience managing a business?

You: Got...I jual Dadih and Keropok at my hostel corridor and student entreprenurship carnival

WTF? If you can do that with only experience from those 'business' I stop work and I come learn business from you la...I do also trying to sell stuff but I dont think I'm at a level where I'm proud to call myself an entrepreneur. I'm just saying...just read the link of what I have to say what entrepreneurship really is, la...

What Am I doing?

So what am I doing about it? Politics aside,

I will not try to exploit government aid and will give my all when given the opportunity. Every opportunity given is an opportunity to learn and not solely to get money.

I will focus on my personal and financial growth so hopefully one day I can develop my community regardless of race.

I support thinkers not talkers (in politics or in work) that would focus on 'making the cake larger' than focus on getting their slice bigger compared to others.

I aim to become an entrepreneur, I define that being able to sustain me and my family and to be able to create job opportunities. How? I still have a lot to learn how to do so, even with my experiences thus far, I know I have a lot to learn, How much can you learn from selling Dadih?

I focus on learning the right mentality and set of skills that makes me a go business person and not rely on aid or whether I know some Datuk or not...

I have said little about Malay Supremacy, maybe because I don't know the exact issues concerning it or maybe it has lost relevance to me, I just don't think the excuses have merit anymore and I can only blame myself for the state of my race and no one else. To end on a more lighter note, I would like to say I am a racist cos...

everyone's a little bit racist!

PS: I actually wanted to know what would be said by my Malay friends....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seeds of success draft

I'm only 21 years old but i'm very interested in finding out what makes a person a successful person. And thus from my experiences I drafted all the things that I think would form a succesfull person, and I also made it into an analogy of some sorts. So read it and tell me what you think? Give some more points that my draft lacks.

Seed of success: Understanding what it takes to succeed

Seed of success
  • Knowing you can: bukan org buat alasan kenapa tak boleh
  • Knowing what you want
  • ... and why do you want it?
  • Knowing yourself (maslow hierarchy of needs)
Earth of Strength
  • • Attitude towards Challenges (don’t be afraid)
  • • Attitude when facing failures (get back up)
  • • Attitude towards making mistakes (don’t blame others)
  • • Attitudes toward the painful truth (KPI, bravery to look elsewhere or compare with others)
  • • Attitude towards diversity/differences (Different opinions or different races and etc)

Rain of knowledge
  • • Attitude towards knowledge
  • • Ability to find knowledge
  • • Bravery to compare/benchmark yourself against others or reflect on yourself
  • • Thinking objective and in unbiased way
  • • Ability to respect others views
  • • Empathy: ability to put oneself in each other’s shoe
  • • Thinker vs talker

Sunlight of faith and ethics
  • • Ethics
  • • Moral
  • • Principles that guide through life
  • • Needs vs wants
  • • Understanding what is most important

Air of ties
  • • Friends/Families
  • • Priorities toward these things

Actually I don't have much time to write a new article, just got back from Ipoh. Sp I thought i'll share some random stuff i've been thinking about lately.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Merdeka Center poll: Youth well informed but politically disconnected

Merdeka Center poll: Youth well informed but politically disconnected

Shared via AddThis

Read the report here.

Interesting Facts
  1. 79% of students don't join any club or societies,
  2. Political Bickering one of the top reason respondents say the country is not on the right track...
  3. Confidence in Elections drops 16%...

Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Hi, not feeling well so no complex stuff, here's an amusing vid. Approved by yours truly... ; P

Sorry, the vid cannot be embedded her, so click the picture or clik the link below:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Learn to blame yourself first...

Please make sure that you read the whole post, cause at the end is the most crucial part you need to learn.

When in a conflict and in an argument dont forget to stop and admit your mistakes. Even if you think it's not your fault, i'm sure there would be something you can do to prevent the conflict from happening.

You called a friend and asked him whether he finished his work for a club. He says he haven't finished. Then, naturally, you would ask why and the discussion may get heated. Regardless, you should stop before things get bad and discuss a solution. After you reached a solution with him, think back what YOU can do to prevent it in the first place. Yes, it's his fault for not finishing, but that does not mean you should leave everything to him and 'lepas tangan', you're a team.

Maybe if you always follow-up the work with that friend of yours, maybe he would have more initiative, also your friend would also know that you are also doing your part of the work. You did not manage your team well enough. Maybe if you clarify how important it is to complete the work before the deadline than your friend would manage his time in a better way. Maybe you forgot to consider holiday's effect, it's hard when semester break to work with your team who are scattered all over Malaysia.

There are three reasons learning to blame yourself first is good...

Learning to control Ego
Lot of people in Mlaysia are egoistic. They see people who are questioning their work as people who want to take their position, damage their stature in society and what not. But acually, we just wan to do our job well, and that depends oo the work done by these egoistical people. It's just the culture here. To prevent you from becoming these kind of people, blame yourself first. And by doing you wont see yourself as high and might, and you would not get cocky.

Practise Patience and Humility.
Being patient and humble is a very good thing, so in a conflict and when you're getting angry, stop and find solution. Don't avoid the conflict, solve it. People grow when conflicts are solved.
When you learn not to be cocky, you learn to become humble. And when your humble, people are more comfortable to share opinions with you and wrk better with you.

See that are always ways you can do better..
Like I said, when your humble, people are more comfortable to share opinions with you and wrk better with you. You will experience and accelerated growth of experience and knowledge. And you are aready on the track to self-actualization. Self-actualization is the ONLY goal you should have in life.


learn to cnrtol ego, and accept that things mitght be wrong or can improve

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nak buat sesuatu mestilah betul niatnya!

Tahniah saya ucapkan kepada Brandon, Szeelooi dan William kerana berjaya ke Paris untuk mewakili Malaysia didalam pertandingan Loreal Brandstorm. Korang boleh nampak muka diorang pada 2:20.

Saya amat cemburukan mereka, dapat melancong ke Eropah, dapat menimba banyak pengalaman dan berinteraksi dengan belia yang bijak-bijak (bukan bijak berkata-kata aja ye) dari seluruh dunia. Sepatutnya mahasiswa kena banyakkan lagi buat aktiviti macam nih. Daripada buat aktiviti jual dadih atau keropok kan? Cuba korang bandingkan keusahwanan yang selalu dilakukan oleh kolej korang ngan keusahawanan kat dalam pertandingan ni. Banyakkan? Oh ya, merekakesemuanya ahli AIESEC, setiap tahun mestia ada ahli AIESEC join (Promote AIESEC sekejap ;P)

Aku tak bermaksud semua orang kena join pertandingan dan buat gila-gila sampai tahap antarabangsa, tapi sekurang-kurangnya kena pasang matlamat tinggi-tinggi sikit ar. Jangan setakat nak menang peringkat kolej jer. Kalau nak suka2 tak kisah ar, tapi kalau boleh, cuba fokus kepada sesuatu yang bersifat jangka panjang.

Jangan sertai pertandingan semata-mata nak dapat merit untuk stay kolej atau nak kumpul sijil supaya dapat anugerah canselor ke apa...kita sertai pertandingan/aktiviti untuk belajar...tu je patut fikir. Tak payah kehadiran korang digunakan semata-mata untuk tunjuk ada aktiviti dapat dilakukan oleh sesuatu persatuan itu.

Kumpul merit untuk stay kolej buat apa...lebih2 lagi kalau dapat merit dari aktiviti yang sampah2. Korang paling tinggi pun duduk uni empat tahun. Nak dapat anugerah bila ko grad? Tak payah, kalau majikan dapat tahu apa yang korang telah buat semasa uni sebenarnya, diorang tak hairan lah sangat. Nama aktiviti je hebat-hebat, tak payah ar.

Bukannya apa, pelajar fakulti saya iaitu Fakulti Ekonomi Pengurusan pun tak banyak nak join pertandingan Loreal ni. Alasannya? Aku tak tau lah tapi aku tak hairan jika salah satu daripadanya ialah tak pandai bahasa Inggeris. Untuk yang tidak tahu, pertandingan ini juga melibatkan pembentukan konsep, kemahiran menganalisa dan akhir sekali pembentangan. Oleh itu, janganlah takut, bukan semua bahagian terdiri daripada presentation, lagipun kita nak belajar kan?

Aku tengok aktiviti-aktiviti pelajar kurang memaksa/menggalakkan pelajar berfikir. Aktiviti yang ada, hanya memerlukan pelajar buat kerja macam robot, kerja-kerja operasi. Contohnya, bengkel menangani stress, pelajar hanya perlu buat proposal, panngil VIP, sediakan makanan dan benda-benda remeh macam tu.

Yang bagusnya AIESEC ni, dia punya aktiviti dalam kem dan persidangan mereka, ia menggalakkan ahlinya berfikir untuk kemajuan kelab. Salah satu faktor ialah penggunaan konsep-konsep pengurusan yang terbukti keberkesanannya seperti matlamat yang jelas (sehingga tiada siapa boleh memberi alasan seperti 'the talkers' yang selalu ada dikalangan pemimpin pelajar), KPI, kaedah sesi perancangan (semua orang kata mereka ada buat perancangan, tapi kalau tak dapat ikut, maksudnya ko buat salah la tu) dan sebagainya.

Budaya Malaysia banyak sangat budaya berpolitik, menunjuk-nunjuk dan kurang penekanan ke atas isi kandungan dan keikhlasan. Sama-sama kita cuba buang budaya-budaya negatif ni...

Sekian, terima kasih...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Laws of Teamworking

Many students end up fighting with each other because they did not do their work properly. And for those who are not professional, they will keep the grudge towards the leader and has revenge through bad-mouthing the leader. Whatever the circumstances, these situations can be avoided when the leader understands the laws of team working so that the subordinate will do the work properly the first time.

I know there are a lot of team working books and etc, but what I'm gonna share is the basic things that can help you a lot in avoiding conflicts with your team mates.

Have a common goal
If your team mates have no idea what you want to do, they cannot help you in the way you want. When they can understand or imagine what you want, they have a better picture of what you want and can do their work properly the first time. To do this you need to learn proper goal setting with all your team members. But if you are a president of a club I suggest starting the planning from the creating the vision/mission stage.

Make Your Instructions Specific
Have you heard the excuse "You didn't tell me ma..." That happens a lot, it happens when you forget to give a specific instruction or when your team mates takes advantage of it to cover him/herself. So be specific as possible, use examples, guidelines, draw it, list it, ask to refer to last year or whatever possible. As long as there is minimum possibility of the work being insufficiently explained. If your team does not do it's work properly then your team have to do the work again and again to satisfy you, and when that happens they will start to complain and you won't want that.I'm not saying your team cannot be trusted, but sometimes even with the best relationships in the team, miscommunication can happen and it will hurt team synergy. Never assume your team mates know exactly what you want.

Ever heard of your members complaining "I have done so much work...," That's BS. You're amount of work is only a lot to you and not to anyone else. State your objectives in measurable terms. Eg: Collecting RM100 donations for each person and etc. If it cannot be measured, list down the work needed to be done in advance so they would know what to expect. It's important that everybody know clearly how much work is enough and how much is not enouogh.

If you're not objective in evaluating their performance. They would not feel responsible. But what is most important is that when a conflict happens, you can easily refer to an agreed discussion earlier. This is where doing an expectation setiing is important. You can say "We agreed that everybody would collect minimum RM100 for each person, and there would be no excuse for it" A person who cannot agree with a previously made group decision is not a team player. After all, when team members know everybody is doing work, they wouldnt want to be the only one not doing work. Never assume that your team members are considerate enough to understand and accept each other's work load and responsibilty.

Responsibilty and Accountability
With a good planning and expectation setting, the team should know what they need to do as a team. The next step is too delegate the job to individuals or smaller groups. When the job delegated to each person is specific and objective they would know that they are responsible because they know that if they didnt do their work it would affect other members. If this does not make them feel responsible that means they are the scum of society and should be treated like dirt for being inconsiderate.

The team members would also feel accountable because the job has been specifically delegated to him/her. Giving theam little space for an excuse or doing a lowsy job without being known by other team members. Never assume your team mates will 100% do what they're suppsoed to.

Give a final deadline, as a leader you must think ahead and give deadline that has ample time for changes in case of any trouble. Pressuring your subordinates with the deadlines is not good considering we have exams and studies to do. It's better to break the work into smaller part and make deadlines for them. This reduces stress and allow a lot of space for bad things to happen. Never expect your team mates will come up with a perfect work at the final deadline. If your want a team member to do a video, split the work into smaller parts like drafting ideas, first draft and final product or something like that. At each of these parts give a deadline so you know what is going on. You dont want on the last possible day your team is doing something totally opposite from what you want. Never assume your team mates can follow your deadlines.

Of course, even when these laws are applied there are still a**holes who still do a lousy job, but these people cannot be helped. But these laws will help you to KEEP the people who CAN and WANT to help the project/activity, even the half-hearted, not-sincere, just-for-merit students would be able to stay with your team if you keep this up.

I suggest downloading this e-book about teamwork. Way better than my post. It's called 5 Dysfunctions of a Team:
Simple and easy to understand, but very effective and practical. Check it out.



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