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Malay Supremacy - Ketuanan Melayu

A few weeks ago I read a post by Dr M and came upon a comment that caught my intention. It said something that I felt was true yet, but as a Malay I 'terasa' a bit. I'll be sharing my view later on but I need both Malays and Non-Malays to read these articles/blogs below so we can have a better understanding of those who oppose (there are Malays who also oppose) and support this concept of Malay Supremacy.

This is the comment that I was saying earlier,


My comments might sound racial but I am not to provoke or condemn any body here.

But basically this is the result you will get if "you teach the people to earn without working."
Those who protest are mostly are Malay community, they set a standard to themselves and they don't want to move up from there but then hoping for others to come down to their standard.

Because they have been taught, train, educate and even grown such a way.
I still remember you were telling to us during your last week as PM that your major failure is upholding and strengthening the DEB.
Malays become too lazy and don't want to fight for the glory, but depending too much on Government.

1. Provoking to learn something new. (Science and mathematics)
2. Provoking to compete. (UiTM to all races)
3. Provoking for open tenders.
And the list might go on and on….

But I hope DPM (hopefully he is the future PM), can think wisely and revert back the decision.
Or at least Chinese and Tamil schools are allowed to teach in English.
Let’s Bumiputra’s stick with DEB concept till 2020.

Other sites you must go:

What do I say?

Excuses Don't Last Forever

Whatever the excuse (Lack of experience, Lack of Money, Lack Economical Power and Lack of opportunities and etc), it cannot last forever and we will have to someday face the music. Because all those talks about 'pendatang' (they have invested and helped built the nation, you cannot deny that, even the indonesia pendatang have helped build our infrastructure, harvested our oil palms and etc, and in turn build the foundation of our economy), generosity of Malay founders (would you think that people nowadays would care an act of generosity that happened 50 years ago) are based an abstract points. Have you used the same excuse for 50 years? Even considering non-malay Malaysians are the most considerable, respectful and tolerate people in the world we cannot assume or even take for granted the fact that they will continue to tolerate these excuses that the Malay use. I'm sorry for calling them excuses but if it was a valid reason this issue wont be such a ruccus, and politicians cannot play this issue because a valid reason would be so clear cut that no one can debate it anymore. Rights are not inherited, they are earned and born out of respect. Would womankind have their rights if men never gave them respect? No respect, No Rights

Distribution of wealth

I think the difference in economical power is real, look down every row of shops how many of them are Malay-owned. You can talk about GLCs and politician-owned...oops, malay owned companies (elite few who put emphasis on personal wealth building, maybe?) all you want. But that fact aside, we cannot ignore the opportunities that the government have given the Malays (NEP, Mara Scholarships and etc). I have no idea what to say to defend the Malays, because whatever I say are excuses. In fact, I might have an idea why the NEP has not yet reached the target which is my next points.

Overdependance and Misuse of Benefits

Everytime you see an officer misuse public funds, an 'entrepreneur' running away with loans or grants (students with PTPTN also for that matter, lol) or a Malay contractor sub-contracting to Chinese contractors to get...what you call it...'untung atas angin'? These are major flaws in the mentality of ...of anyone, for that matter. Which brings us to the next point.

A Whole List of Wrong Mindsets and Mentalities

There are a lot of wrong mindsets in some (filter a bit, must not be too harsh rite ;P) of the Malays:

Overpoliticking: Everything must depends on who's the boss and what he says, not what's right and best for the community. Bickering and fighting on political issues and not the real issues. Believing in the 'talkers' rather than the 'thinkers'

Entrepreneurship Delusions: Wrong mentality about business and money. It's not about networking with VIPs to get contracts you know, it's more than that.

Much of entrepreneurial success relies on an individual’s ability to be self-motivated, to develop systems, methods, think and work creatively. — Julia Davis

Read more of what I think entrepreneurship really is here.

That's why I am so angry when Malays join MLM, sell Dadih and keropok etc. Got one UPM MTM critisize me that it's okay to do stuff like that because everyone has to start from somewhere, has to start small2. &^%** la....You tell me whether doing those S**t while in Uni can help get job or not? Can help increase the percentage holding of companies by Malay to 30%? Can help make sustainable business that can feed your family? Can you build a business where you can create job opportunities? Can get loan from bank?

Bank Manager: Do you have any previous experience managing a business?

You: Got...I jual Dadih and Keropok at my hostel corridor and student entreprenurship carnival

WTF? If you can do that with only experience from those 'business' I stop work and I come learn business from you la...I do also trying to sell stuff but I dont think I'm at a level where I'm proud to call myself an entrepreneur. I'm just saying...just read the link of what I have to say what entrepreneurship really is, la...

What Am I doing?

So what am I doing about it? Politics aside,

I will not try to exploit government aid and will give my all when given the opportunity. Every opportunity given is an opportunity to learn and not solely to get money.

I will focus on my personal and financial growth so hopefully one day I can develop my community regardless of race.

I support thinkers not talkers (in politics or in work) that would focus on 'making the cake larger' than focus on getting their slice bigger compared to others.

I aim to become an entrepreneur, I define that being able to sustain me and my family and to be able to create job opportunities. How? I still have a lot to learn how to do so, even with my experiences thus far, I know I have a lot to learn, How much can you learn from selling Dadih?

I focus on learning the right mentality and set of skills that makes me a go business person and not rely on aid or whether I know some Datuk or not...

I have said little about Malay Supremacy, maybe because I don't know the exact issues concerning it or maybe it has lost relevance to me, I just don't think the excuses have merit anymore and I can only blame myself for the state of my race and no one else. To end on a more lighter note, I would like to say I am a racist cos...

everyone's a little bit racist!

PS: I actually wanted to know what would be said by my Malay friends....


  1. Oh yes, regardless what I said I will not tolerate removing Bahasa Malaysia as Malaysia's Official Language. Dont get me wrong, I supprt PPSMI but BM is my identity as a Malay and yours (non-malay) too as a Malaysian. I can tolerate that me and my race must change and I'm OK as long as it's for the best for all, but my tolerance will stop where I am at a stage where something so obvious and unique to be taken away like my language and etc.I mean that is what I feel that makes me a Malay or Malaysian for that matter too.

    So what does it take to be a Malaysian? Having a Malaysian IC?

  2. yes, they can continue with deb provided it was done with any prejudice or favoritism which is happening rampantly.

    why 30% hasn't been achieved? whose failure? not the malays but the people who is deciding who to get what and how much



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