Friday, July 31, 2009

New Layout, New Year- Renewed Passion


Noticed the new layout and the new logo.

It's been about a year I start blogging and it that time I learned a lot about blogging, about branding my blog and how to promote it. There's still a lot to do.

The first post of this blog is made on August the 4th last year, but I guess I count from the date I registered the blog which might be earlier. Actually, I just can't wait to celebrate the anniversary and the new layout...hehe

I have now seen such clarity about my life and it's future and I think blogging helped me to achieve it. It allows me to express myself, to see myself from another angle and also from your point of views.

I might have been harsh and very opinionated in my posts but that is because I think no one will listen on care about posts with mediocre and mundane analysis. Read this post to see why.

So share with me what you think about the new layout or what you like about my blog. Ok?


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