Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Planning Is One Thing But Implementation Is Another

Previously, I had a few post about planning in student organization but I need to share a few things that you must understand.

SHIT Happens
I always see student clubs do so many meetings, fancy plans and etc but fail when we implement. From my experience, things never go 100% according to plan. Trouble always happens regardless of how good is your planning. There is so much uncertainty. You are one small person against the world. So why would you do planning then?

Prepare for the Worst, Hope fore the Best
This is the mentality you should have when you are doing planning. The reason why students abandon their plans because their plans are not good enough. A good plan is not what a project should be, but a good plan tells you what to do when your project is not what it should be. Do you know that the Boeing747 is designed to break off it's wing if necessary?

Get Your Team Together
Another reason, students fail to follow plan because they don't understand the plan. When, you're doing the plan, were you autocratic?, did other members give suggestions and contribute? If your team is not in the planning process, they will not understand what are the issues. If they do not understand the issues, they do not know what is allowed and what is allowed to change in the plan. And instead they become like statues and do nothing, hoping someone will do something. Even worse, they would just push responsibility to somebody. I know there are a lot of Sampah Masyarakat in Uni who don't focus, join project just for merit and etc but that's not an excuse. Read Laws of Team Working.

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get
I forgot where I got this quote but it means that when you have done so much (planning), the implementation will some how fall into place (into your planning la) because you have done the proper preparations. Try to think from all possible angles, predict the worst case scenario and and prepare solutions for it. What will happen if there is a technical failure, the speaker is late or something? Answer these questions so you don't need to think of the answers at a critical time so you won't panic.

Doing planning is good because:
It uncovers any weaknesses or problem in your project, so solve for it...
You know what to Expect, so prepare for it...
It gives experience for the future, so learn from it...

So how do you know when to stop planning?
  • When everybody has nothing else to discuss (usually typical students always has nothing to discuss..sigh...)
  • When all alternatives/arguments are even in merit in the discussion, so take charge as a leader and choose one
  • You cannot prove either one alternative/solution is the best or not, again leader be dictator, and choose one and move on...all argument from both side are full of people saying "I think...", "I feel...", but no proof.
  • The problems discussed only happens when too many 'IF's of bad things happen (example: caterer didn't bring food, then we give them cookies from store, then the cookies are actually radioactive, then all participant turn into monsters, then the monsters wreck stage, then TNC cannot have speech...something like that, if that is discussed, no need discuss that problem anymore)


  1. well..fido..
    planning and implementing u kena balance it..
    if u realised..in life..its all about balance..
    any of the extreme is disastrous..
    planning without implementation = talk cock
    implementing without planning = u gila...what to implement pun tak tahu..
    nice write up

  2. not only balance...
    u MUST DO BOTH!!!

    I've aldy shared my definitions and basic requirement to do planning in my previous posts, doing less than that would make your planning useles, let alone, become balanced.

    "So how do you know when to stop planning?" part should address how much planning you can do, so then, you know it is the time to focus all out in implementation. That way it should be balanced. All out Planning plus All out Implementation = Balance



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