Friday, July 24, 2009

Seeds of Success: Definition of Success

Like Randall has pointed out in the seeds of success draft post. I need to define what success is. To me, success is easily define as "to achieve what you want to achieve". Duh...Haha Sounds easy right? But I want to highlight to problems that not everyone achieves this.

Knowing What You Want
The first problem is that a lot of people don't know what they want to achieve. They might say they know what they they want to achieve but actually they only know what the society expects them to achieve. I was listening to flyfm the other day, where they were discussing what would you like to do if you get the chance to go through school again. Amazingly, a lot of them wished they haven't taken biology stream and wouldn't eventually go medic. What probably happened that their parents and adult neigbours would harp around comparing their children's result, boasting about where the child is going to study and etc. Naturally, the mindset that engineering, medial and law is 'best' jobs. Ultimately, students will choose according to these external pressures and do not consider what they themselves want in life.

As for me, I was pushed into engineering, again my intrests were not taken into account, butduring matriculation something happen, I dont remember the exact sequence of events, but I had a paradigm shift, "I would do what I wanted,What I like as my career, only in that way I can excel" So from that moment on I strived to find 'what I like'. At least, know I'm sure I'm going in the right direction.

Knowing That You Can
I was talking with friends about co-curricular, and somehow came up the topic of presentation skills. One friend said, "You can la, Firdaus, You're talented...I cannot". That statement does no good to anyone. You are saying you cannot even before you tried. Read "The Secret", "Law of Attraction" or Neuro-Linguistics Programming Books to know how damaging this kind of mentality hurts your chances of success. You must believe that you can, if you do want something, you will find a way to achievet it. Where there's a will, there's a way. If right now, you're thinking "Talk can la, easy only" or "So much risk and uncertanties before you succeed", the you are a lost cause. Stop reading and just continue your pathetic lives.

I know for a fact that when my goal is clear I need to believe I can do it. I dont need to think what risk or problems I will face, yet. When I am committed to the goal, then I can begin the process of doing research and thinking of solutions for the problems. You need to understand that the more you do something the more you learn, the more peole you meet, and the more oppurtunities you will find.

Knowing How To Achieve Your Success
A lot of people say they want to get rich, but have no idea how to get rich. To do this, you need knowedge but if you don't know what you want and you dont believe that you can, then you would never put enough effort in finding the information you need to succeed. With information, then you can plan how you want to achieve success, but even planning is something you need to learn.

All these problems relate to why we dont achieve what we want or success. Success depends on what we want, and as subjective as it sounds, it's because success really depends just on you. No one else, but you. Anything you say is an excuse. Be.You.

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