Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seeds of success draft

I'm only 21 years old but i'm very interested in finding out what makes a person a successful person. And thus from my experiences I drafted all the things that I think would form a succesfull person, and I also made it into an analogy of some sorts. So read it and tell me what you think? Give some more points that my draft lacks.

Seed of success: Understanding what it takes to succeed

Seed of success
  • Knowing you can: bukan org buat alasan kenapa tak boleh
  • Knowing what you want
  • ... and why do you want it?
  • Knowing yourself (maslow hierarchy of needs)
Earth of Strength
  • • Attitude towards Challenges (don’t be afraid)
  • • Attitude when facing failures (get back up)
  • • Attitude towards making mistakes (don’t blame others)
  • • Attitudes toward the painful truth (KPI, bravery to look elsewhere or compare with others)
  • • Attitude towards diversity/differences (Different opinions or different races and etc)

Rain of knowledge
  • • Attitude towards knowledge
  • • Ability to find knowledge
  • • Bravery to compare/benchmark yourself against others or reflect on yourself
  • • Thinking objective and in unbiased way
  • • Ability to respect others views
  • • Empathy: ability to put oneself in each other’s shoe
  • • Thinker vs talker

Sunlight of faith and ethics
  • • Ethics
  • • Moral
  • • Principles that guide through life
  • • Needs vs wants
  • • Understanding what is most important

Air of ties
  • • Friends/Families
  • • Priorities toward these things

Actually I don't have much time to write a new article, just got back from Ipoh. Sp I thought i'll share some random stuff i've been thinking about lately.


  1. IMO

    Hardwork + Smart + Moral + Pray + Luck + Fate = Success

  2. you need to define what is success first my friend.
    just like what u commented in my blog..
    some ppl see success as financially dependant
    some ppl see success as being able to help a person
    some ppl see success as changing the world - for good or bad..
    but to see your success..
    all of the above mentioned values have their respective places.
    without them its hard to achieve success
    some do but many wont..
    being 22 yrs now fido..
    we should be able to determine what type of success are we after..
    but one advise..
    it tends to be cold up the stairs of success..
    you may nt see your frens as what they were to u..
    many of my 'successful' friends treats ppl differently previously..u wan stories..come lawat me when free for diana..
    sorry about yest..too sibuk edy

  3. Ya lo...should define what is success another idea for a post...

    I disagree with the statement "t tends to be cold up the stairs of success.."

    Actually, I think on your journey to success (regardless how you define it) you will meet likewise individuals....i'm saying that I dont expect all my friends will still be with me in the years to come, but the ones who do keep with you are life long friends that you must cherish, and those who are new friends that come into your life, are the ones who become your friend for the right reasons.
    This is the 'Law of Attraction'

    I dun wan to see you to hear sad story la..wat la you..; P See you for to hear good stuff la..



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