Thursday, August 20, 2009

4 Elements of the Right Attitude

Not long ago, I have written a draft of what is needed to make a person successful. But, I would like to simplify and call it 'The Right Attitude". The draft is very long but for today I wan to share with you the 4 basic observation that I made which became the basis of the draft I made. They are:

  • Action Towards Life's dreams/goals
  • Reaction Towards Challenges/hardships/failure
  • Ability to Gather Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Ability to Control Your Emotion
Action Towards Life's dreams/goals
I see that there several ways people react to what they want to achieve in life. Some will believe and put maximum effort to achieve their goals. Most, don't have a dream or goal in life at all. Being ignorant, and having the que sera sera attitude. A large portion, say they have a goal, but not doing anything or doing the wrong things which does not contribute to their goals. For example, they would have subsidies and grants for their business but they misuse them for short term benefits. I also see pessimist, people who say they cannot even before trying. I'm frustrated with these kind of people the most, because if only they took a little more effort they will see oppurtonities open up for them.

Reaction Towards Challenges/Hardships/Failure
I also see that there are many people who respond differently to challenges/failures and hardships. A lot would stop and become paralyzed after a failure. Even worse, there are people who avoid them altogether. If you ever thought "That person is so good and clever, I will never do that, it's too hard..." Then, you are that kind of person. A challenge is to be overcome. Others will see a wall, and turn back. But you will overcome that barrier and reap the rewards of it, because you're the only one who overcame the wall, while others give up and turn back.

Ability to Gather Knowledge and Wisdom
If you're reading this and thinking, "Ah...this blog is full of fancy quotes and stuff. All Bull Sh**" That shows that you don't have the mentality, attitude and skill to collect knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. You don't appreciate the many forms of wisdom available. Learn how to gather wisdom and intelligence. If you have no wisdom, you are not smart. And if you are not smart, you cannot become successful. How do you get wisdom? You can start by reading this blog, or at least reading this post: 3 ways you can receive wisdom

Ability to Control Your Emotion
And lastly, the ability to control our emotion. Our emotion is a double-edged sword. It can hurt you, and others. But controlled, it would help you a lot in life. In life, conflict is certain. Avoiding conflict will make the problem bigger, trust me. In this case, you must learn how to communicate and find solutions. And this requires you to negotiate a lot. To do this well, you need to make sure your emotion is in check. If you are angry when you navigate a conflict, you will not have a sound mind to reflect your judgment and decisions, and would be biased in your analysis. Because of that, you will not take the right choices. I suggest reading this book to help you: How To Win Any Arguments

When all these elements come together, then, you have the necessary mindsets that makes sure you can achieve your success regardless what happens. Not other stuff like passion, or hard work and etc. Hard work is a symptom, an effect, of having the first and/or second element as part of your mindset/mentality.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to make a difference for yourself.

Be. You.

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