Friday, August 7, 2009

How to read my blog?

Today, I want to share how you can apply what I am teaching in my blog in your life...

Threshold and Direction

It means a point/level where a change will happen. Or read here for webster definition...

When I say you are not an entrepreneur when you're selling dadih/keropok that means that is below the level you need to do to become a successful entrepreneur. I would say you need to read books, focus on studies and focus the development of proper entrepreneur mindsets and mentalities. That is the minimum, if you do not focus on developing mindset, you're not going to be successful. Selling dadih at university is below the limit/the threshold so that means you are not making a differences for yourselves. Refer back to why entrepreneurship is needed, I am referring my threshold on the objectives of increasing economic standards for the Malays, creating jobs and attracting foreign investments. Can selling dadih do that?

I admit I am not s experienced to know what is the threshold exactly but at least I do know to a certain extent where it lies. Even if I do not know I am experienced enough to know the 'direction' that is needed. When I'm doing the articles like Laws of Teamworking and SMART Goal Setting I am giving you a direction. I am telling you this is the way, the focus you must put effort into if you want to achieve success in your project and etc. If you aren't able to achieve it, it's okay. Better than investing your time and effort on the wrong things.

The thing is there are people who say other people's analysis is 'general'. Fine, but how specific can you be, practically? So I wrote this as a guide to read my guide to the issues I talk about in my blog.


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