Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To Win Any Arguments

Today, I want to suggest to you this book titled "How to win any arguments". I want to say that most of you might know that I like to shoot/criticize people in this blog. But I never do this if I'm talking one-to-one confrontation. The reason being is that an emotion fuelled debate is not healthy especially if you're meeting face-to-face. If you end up fighting you're not going to solve the issue. How did I know this? From this book I'm going to share with you...

The good thing about this book is that's it's very well planned. The chapters, articles and points are separated into easy to understand chunks of information. I'll give you snippet of the book with my own take of it

Construct A Consent Zone
People won't listen if the atmosphere/mood of the argument is negative and aggressive so consent zone refers to the mood where all parties are able to discuss objectively. Winning an argument is not about winning a fight, it's about making your opponent understand yur point of view and agreeing to your suggestion or a compromise. Example, if you win an argument with your customer, but the customer don't want to buy from you, did you really won the argument?

6 Mistakes That Destroys The 'Consent Zone'
  • Complain: Don't say "You're Unfair", "You're Unreasonable"
  • Look Back (Mengungkit): People look back just to critisize
  • Judging the other's person action/thoughts: Don't use words like wrong, stupid, crazy & etc
  • Say "What is your problem?"
  • Ask "Why can't you be reasonable?"
  • Corner a person by revealing his/her wrong doing:That's an invitation to fight
Sorry, cannot write more, don't want want to breach copyrights, anyhow this one of the things discussed inside. Not only does it help you to win arguments but also teaches you the attitude and mentality that you must have when facing conflicts and challenges in life. I highly recommend.


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