Friday, August 7, 2009

Seeds of Success: Knowing That You Can

You Can, It's Just That You Don't Believe You Can

NLP or Neurolinguistic programming describes the importance of believing in what you say. If you were to say you are a success, than you will become a success. And you will not, if you keep saying otherwise. Now, don't just suddenly start saying to yourself, you’re successful again and again. It only works if you BELIEVE that you can. NLP says that when you say, you believe. When you believe, you do. Sounds easy and very obvious, right? But people still don't do it. They doubt themselves. When you doubt yourself, NLP still works. If you doubt whether you are successful or not, then you will become unsuccessful. For me, I choose to believe I can be successful, regardless of the situation. Because when you believe (even in a problematic situation), you then start finding solutions to the problem.

But I am Human too, I have doubts too. But fear and doubt is there for you to be careful, it’s not there to prevent you from succeeding. Having doubts easily decrease 50% motivation to 0% but it takes so hard to change 50% motivation to 100% motivation. Why? I have been writing so many times about being confident and believing in yourself but have you seen anybody who gets so motivated by it? Why is it so easy to de-motivate? I choose to learn how to motivate myself regardless of my situation.
Anyway, you are worrying too much, like I said, if there is a problem you overcome it. It’s as easy as that. Below is an excerpt on how to deal with fear:

87% never happen
7% actually occur
6% you will have some influence over the outcome
This means that most things in life that you worry about won’t happen and that you have little to control over the few things that do happen/ So it doesn’t pay to worry about the things you fear.

"Poor People Avoid Risk. Rich People Manage Risk."

My father told me this. If you see then believe, it's normal. But if you believe first, then you belongs to you. For example, when you believe the potential in a business idea of yours, and you manage to turn it into reality, it's yours. So believe in yourself.

Don't say, "I have no talent as a leader", "I'm not smart like you" and etc. That kind of thinking brings no good to you. We are young. We should never be afraid. You should read "Think And Grow Rich" to see how damaging that kind of thinking is. Talent is irrelevant. Even if it is, that is not in your control but intentions and effort is always in our hands.

Have the desire. Not following your desire and giving excuses shows that you really don't desire it so much. Don't make excuses. Understand what you really want. Commit to it. Find solutions to overcome it. Doubt is there to stop you from making mistakes not to stop you from achieving more.

Understand at the end of the day, these excuses you made - only you will accept it, everyone else doesn't give a sh*t. At the end of the day, the conflict is between you and yourself. At the end of the day, you and only you are responsible for the actions that you do or don't do.

Just Do It! Be.You.

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  1. See this power point, very good. It explains about self efficacy.

    Also, read this book. It's been around for70 years, and is suggested to me by Mr. Mehan. Though there is the word rich in it, it is more about telling you how having the desire and determination would surely make you rich. Think And Grow Rich



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