Monday, September 7, 2009

4 Critical Issue Of Every Team

Every problem faced by a team can be related back to these 4 elements that I am going to share with you today. I will give some light explanations about these elements but I will give you a comprehensive solution in future posts. Please read laws of teamworking after you have read this post so you can have a better understanding of the topic.

The 4 Element of a team are:
  • Goals
  • Decision Making
  • Work Division
  • Conflict Resolution


I have taught you the importance of goal setting and planning in some of my previous post. In short, a team without a common goal does not invest their time and effort wisely. When, their labor does not show results, their motivation will drop. And when that happens the team will not work and your objective will not be achieved. That is why proper goal setting and expectation setting is important.

Decision Making
Sooner or later, all teams would have to make a hard decision. In these situations some teams are more democratic, and some are more autocratic. The problem here is how the individual team members respond to their leader's democratic or autocratic behavior. If a leader is too autocratic, then he is bound to make mistakes and incur ill-feelings from the team. If he is too democratic, it will cause too much time to be wasted in getting the right decisions. A proper expectation setting to discover the decision making method that is suitable for the team, would help a lot. Also as a leader, you must be smart to make the right choices at the right time. This requires experience.

Work Division
Not all students are willing to do much work because they just want to get merits. But there are some who are willing to do work. But if we exploit and misuse these productive people too much they will end up being fed up and would leave the team. The solution is to utilize all your members as wisely as possible. Unfortunately, that is not easy. First, you must divide the work as equally as possible and also communicate each other responsibilities clearly to all team members. If some members think that there are some people who are not doing enough work, then they too will be lazy and slack off.

Conflict Resolution
How to resolve a conflict in a team? Our biggest problem is our fear to handle these issues before the conflict happens which is before the team starts work. We should address sensitive issues by asking each other beforehand how should a conflict should be approached and resolved so that no one will keep blaming each other in the future. This is another reason why work division must be properly communicated and defined. So that if something would happen, we would easily know who is at fault. The good thing about it, is that these conflicts will not happen when proper expectation setting is done, everything is properly defined and everybody’s knows each person’s responsibilities. There are no bad people, only bad managers.

All teams must consider these 4 elements before starting a team. Every time you hear of people back stabbing in student organizations is not because they are bad, they are just bad managers. They do not address properly the issues mentioned above in the team. When trouble happens; miscommunication, ego and emotions are added into the equation and your brain will stop working. Their judgment is driven by emotion and not objective facts. Judgement based not in facts is a mistake. Mistakes are building blocks of failure.

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