Friday, September 11, 2009

The Truth About Your CGPA Pointer

CGPA pointer is not everything and here's why:

Don't Take the System For Granted

There are a lot of book worms in university. They're only reason to exist is too study. They're mentality is "Get good pointers - Get good work - Get good life". Nothing can be further from the truth. The CGPA system is to measure your academic performance, but that does not mean the system will necessarily benefit you. You have to out do the system to be better than your peers. Never expect when you follow the system, the system will take care of you. Have you ever realised why politicians always get rich, because they abuse their position and the information they know to abuse the system. That's the ugly truth. I'm not asking you to abuse the system, I just saying don't take any system (CGPA pointers) for granted. Don't just hope getting 4 flat and your life is sure going to be OK. Do your research, prepare for risks, and don't depend everything on CGPA. Why?

CGPA Just Gets You the Interview

These days many company HR utilise a computer software to filter candidates. So if you have a high cgpa, that's good but companies don't just need cgpa. Do you think you can do interviews well? Do you think you can perform well after you get the job compared to your peers to get a promotion? Do you know the reason why they ask so many questions is so that they can analyse your mentality and personality. If you have a weak personality because you never mix-around, experience teamwork, face challenges through co-curricular; do you think they want to hire you? Quality over quantity. I told you before not take stupid jobs in your co-curricular like 'ajk kebersihan', 'ajk makanan' & etc. Some people think, "Need to learn from small-small". Wrong! I think things like that are a waste of time and employers don't value the cert. Read this article to know what you should do in co-curricular.

Co-curricular Experience Can Be Applied Anywhere

Whatever competency that you learned in co-curricular can be applied anywhere in life. Academics, work and in business. CGPA only appliess to the work field or industry that is relevant to the cert. Remember, "competency= skill + knowledge + attitude". A lot of student club say they do leadership and etc, but fail to teach you to be competent. Read here to identify these clubs. And again, small menial labourous task like 'ajk makanan', does not help comptency. Employers want competency. The leadeship and management stuff you need to learn (that a lot of student club don't teach) are the kind of methods and concepts I discuss in my blog.

I wouldn't say CGPA is useless but let me give an idea about the 'balance' between CGPA and co-curricular. Read here to know how to use the equation below:

4.00 CGPA + Great Co-curricular = The best.

You can apply at famous companies like Multi National Companies (MNCs), 'top 4' companies of your field and those famous national GLCs like Petronas and Proton etc.

4.00 CGPA + No Co-curricular = Hard to go far

If the HR people sees any weakness in your mentality and personality that can affect in work, they do not want to hire. But I'm talking about the good companies. If you want typical, not famous, not so high-paying companies; that's another story.

2.00 CGPA + Great Co-curricular = Hard Also. But...

Usually, a lot of your students leaders do a lot of co-curricular so to get close to Datuks and Menteris. Some are lucky and achieve something, but not all. I don't like this strategy. However, even if u get CGPA is low, you would already have experience to apply in the future like starting your own business, maybe? As long the co-curricular you did is not those shitty work la.

2.00 CGPA + No Co-curricular = Very Bad.

I have no idea what you are doing in Uni.

The Balance?

At least get 2nd upper class for your degree pointer. And the strategy you should have with your co-curricular is quality over quantity. Read here how to identify them.

At the end of the day you must realise your degree cert is not a ticket that gets you a job, it's just one 'ingredient' to get the job. If you don't have all the 'ingredients', you won't get the job.

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  1. What I'm doing in Uni.. with variety of peoples..etc..(most my routine is like a normal people routine..)

    P/S :

    I agree with you..CGPA is a way to get interview..but there are people who get high CGPA through their understanding in certain subject..not only remembering those silly I think they good enough in the area they extra certificate in their position..(CCNA, OCP)..make they strong in the related profession..I think they worth for the job...

  2. Thx for the comment.

    Companies ultimately want leaders and innovators. My father who works at JKR feels like new entry level students are like robots. Ask and they do exactly what you ask, never more.

    Big companies want more. They want to things to be done better, cheaper, more effective. What you learn in uni teaches what you need to do at an average level. What do you need to do to change the lesson you learned in uni into something new?

    To out do, to revolutionize and innovate requires a different set of mindsets and mentality above the average people. How many of you are creative, charismatic and skillfull and able to make change in your community?

    CGPA represents technical skill. That's 50% of what you need. The another 50% is how well you work with people in a team or an organization. One person cannot do much...

    Afterall, “Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.



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