Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Causes of Conflict In a Team

You want to know the causes of conflict in a team? Actually we discussed all of it in my previous articles.

  • Goals
  • Decision Making
  • Work Division
These 3 core issues contribute to conflicts in a team. As a leader you must learn how to organize the operation of these issues and deal with it objectively.

But no matter how good you plan or organize, conflicts would still happen. It's human nature. Some people have no sense of consideration towards other, and keep being selfish. When this happens, the 4th issue of a team will step in. Conflict Resolution. Resolving conflict in a manner that makes sure everybody reaches a mutually beneficial agreement. That means all parties get something, not all but somewhere in the middle where both parties agrees.

There are many methods to resolve conflicts. The easiest yet effective method for student leaders is to do an expectation setting. I'll discuss it in my next article.


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