Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Problems In Decision Making

Decision making is an important process that everyone will go through, whether in uni or in the working life. So better start learning about it now. When making a decision, it's important to get the right information as also to discuss from as many aspects as possible. This is why all opinions and healthy debate is welcomed. Unfortunately, Malaysians always try to avoid conflict and give no feed back at all. Avoiding conflict will bring a bigger problem later on, trust me. Sometimes, the debate becomes too heated, emotional and personal that it destroys the team’s synergy.

There are 3 things that cause ineffective decision making:
• The Environment
• The People
• The Decision Making Method


As you may know everything in Malaysia is very politicized. There are so many cases where good & intelligent people are disregarded because having an opposing opinion to their superior. This kind of mentality of environment cannot help in promoting information sharing and healthy debate. Debate is necessary so that we are able to access all possibilities and outcomes. A leader can create the right environment by encouraging open discussions and stressing that making the right decision is more important than saving face.


People are the most unpredictable factor. There are people who talk too much but don't give relevant information or solutions, and there are those who say nothing at all. Like I said earlier, you need to know as much as you can before you can make a decision. You need your team mates to help you give information. Get them into the discussion and the debate. People are sometime shy and sometimes lose focus of the debate. There are many methods to overcome this which I will prepare later on.

Decision Making Method

The problem with student leaders these days, is that they lack technical managerial skills. So the result will be they are too dictator-like and harsh on the team and would not accept any other opinion. Or the leader becomes too soft and the team have too many opinions and the leader cannot make a decision because that person is not decisive and a people pleaser.

Environment is the external factor, and the people are the internal factor. There are managerial methods to help you do decision making in the most effective manner. These methods can easily be found on the internet and also learned as easily. Unfortunately, this is not taught to student leaders. Student leaders prefer navigating through the politics of student leadership. I will share these methods in upcoming posts.

By understanding the usual problems that cause ineffective decision making, we know what to avoid when we do our decision making. The next step is to know what to do in making the right decision.


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