Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Firdaus Agenda

Everybody wants to change the world. Everybody always criticize other people. Everybody blames somebody. Most of the time, it would be the government. But by blaming only, nothing happens. A lot of people complain but not many are willing to help to solve.

I also want things to be better in life. But I put less hope in politicians. At best, I believe when the politicians and people's interest are aligned, then, something would happen. I guess that's how the world is. There's no free lunch. Either way, what can we do? The Small People.

Let me explain, point by point:

You Can Create Change Without Politics: A lot of people I know would sigh, "sigh...politics, what can I do? I don't have power...". Wrong! We all have power. Even without elections we have power to make changes. Think like an entrepreneur, innovate and solve problems. Do you think Tony Fernandes gave up when AirAsia was a subsidiary of MAS which was a GLC? He went to Mahathir himself to clear the issues. Your weak mentalities are at fault when bad politicians take advantage of the system.

You Need To Be Competent, Competence: Attitude + Knowledge + Skills: When you have the managerial skill & experience, then, you can make a change. Do you see all the NGOs? How can they survive and still promote their cause? They're not doing it to get profit, ok?

Politics Focuses On The Problem And Not The Solution:Sometimes they need to focus on the problem. Ever feel like the politicians purposely fan racial issues?

Malaysians Don’t Have The Right Attitude: Remember I said about you having the weak "I don't have power" mentality. Read more here.

Learning Just For The Sake Of Learning: You just want to get cert, then grad, then get job, then work like robot. If you think your job as a way to contribute to society or country or as something that is noble, then you would like your job more. How can you create change if you're not passionate in doing what you do for a living?

It's not what you do, but how you do it: Doing a club activity, does not make your club a good one, it's how good you do the club activities. The intention to do PPSMI is not enough, it's HOW you implement that determines it's success.

The Right People Are Not At The Right Places:There are many capable intelligent people don't get to hold important posts merely because their opinions differ from the boss. WHO is saying is much more important than WHAT is being said (points of the debate)... All because of petty office politics and etc. We must eliminate these unproductive cultures.

Malaysia Have No Leaders, Only Politician:Leaders Are Different Than Politicians...Politicians can be leaders, only if they can contribute to positive change.

Solve Problems By Being Competent:If it doesn't get better than you're not doing it right. No BS is needed.

Do Things For The Right Reasons:Be sincere la.

More explanations coming. Not in the near future though.


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