Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Limitations in Effective Decision Making

Like I said before in a previous article, in life the biggest limitations are time and knowledge. Even in decision making you will see the effects of these two limitations. They will manifest themselves as these limitations in effective decision making.

• Time
• Resources
• Type of Decision
• Environment

So when trying to make a decision in your team please consider these limitations before taking choosing a decision making method.


When deadlines comes closer, the pressure increases. You don't have time to wait to get more information or discuss with the team. I always see leaders postponing important decisions because they are afraid to make the wrong decisions. "Tell me yes, Tell me no...But tell me now!" so that the team can go on and start making preparations.


Unfortunately, humans cannot clone an infinite number of themselves; there's only one of you in the world. And as such, that's why you have team mates. But still, you have a limited number of them. Depending on the different size of the team would require a different approach to decision making. The bigger the size, the harder it is to take consideration everybody's opinion.


It is the combination of skills, attitude and knowledge. Unfortunately, not everybody have the same level of competency. Also, you cannot simply 'transfer' competency to another person just like transferring a Microsoft word file through a thumb drive. This difference makes it hard for ideas, suggestion, and opinions hard to get through to other members. This takes time and effort. After all, we are all different in our own special way.

Type of Decisions

Differing degrees of Time, Resources available and competency makes our decision different in terms of importance and urgency. Depending on importance, a more important decision would require a more autocratic decision making by the leader.


In my previous article, I mentioned about how the work environment can influence the quality of decision making. As a leader, it is in your interest that the decision making method you use would promote work synergy, healthy working environment and etc.

Consider these before choosing a decision making style. I would share some of the methods you can use in me next article.

Be. You.

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