Thursday, October 15, 2009

Qualities Women Despise In A Man

These are the qualities women are thought to despise, according to some survey I found:

1. He has no opinion, is just carried along by others.
2. He always has someone to blame.
3. He can never be decisive at the moment of truth.
4. He’s always giving up (never puts in the work).
5. He’s always relying on his parents somehow.
6. He keeps quiet on the train even when he’s bunched up against some weirdo.
7. Though he’s timid around other people, he only acts firm in front of me.
8. He flip-flops around with what foods he likes and dislikes.
9. He splits the cost of meals (with me) exactly, even in increments of RM0.10.
10. He asks to be treated.
11. He always whines about his work.
12. His mails are too long.
13. He does nothing but complain.
14. He checks his appearance in front of the mirror too much.
15. He uses hygiene products too much.
16. His body is frail and weak.

See that guys? You have to be opinionated, a strong mind. Small2 stuff like choosing where to eat for dinner, no need to be so strict la. But it's important that you can stand your ground in the face of conflict and disputes. Many of you avoid conflict or become too aggressive and emotional in a conflict. This is because:

You don't know your 'limit', Don't say you know it, because if you did you would handle ALL conflicts well. Read this to know why.

And also, don't give up easily, just keep trying. Don't stop. Just do it. Doubting yourselves doesn't bring you anywhere.

Don't whine and complain. Grow up. Be accountable for the choices you make. Have a positive outlook of life.

What separates successful Men (and women) is in the way they react towards:
  • Their life goals
  • Their problems and challenges in life
  • Knowledge, Education and Wisdom.
Click here for a better explanation.

Be a Man. Do the right thing!



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  1. HAHA. poor men. they can't ask to be treated by. :D

    whatever it is,yeay! I agree with all of it! HOHO



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