Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Solutions To Effective Decision Working

In the previous article I shared about the limitations in effective decision making. Which are:

• Time
• Resources
• Type of Decision
• Environment

So referring to these limitations I am going to share the tools you can use to do effective decision making.

Time & Resources

Planning. Yes, planning. A good planning would give you an idea of the tine constraint that you would face. Then, you could plan things ahead and not when you are under pressure because of lack of time. Also planning in advance would help you identify the limited resources you have and the type of decisions you would have to do in advanced, so you can make the decisions now. You won't make a good decision under pressure, right? I know I have said planning as a solution many times, but this shows how important is planning. You can download a copy of my planning guide here.

Type of Decision

Like I said in my previous article, time and resources is a big limitation. So for now, I will discuss a method that decides a decision making that is suitable to the decision making in context of differences in importance and urgency in making the decision.

Decision Making Matrix

I have modified this matrix from the time management matrix to suit the context of decision making.

Important - If you don't do, then the project/work you are doing won't be complete
Urgent - If you don't do it now, you won't finish before deadline. (Some people don't want to make their own deadline, that's why their time management sucks) Or other parts of the project cannot or other people cannot finish before their deadline until you have done your part of the project/work.

Autocratic - You don't have much time. Don't be a wuss and make a decision now!
Democratic - You have time. Gather as much as accurate information as you can. Get a team consensus. There are many methods to do this. Try Google decision making or visit this website I found, here.
Delegate - You've got to trust your team. You can't do everything alone.
Forget It - Do I need to explain this?

Remember that you need ALL your team mates to agree with a decision so all of them will do the work properly. If they don't agree, they don't trust, and ultimately they won't do. However, time is your biggest enemy in getting everyone in your team agreeing to the same decision. So as a leader you must know when to be democratic and when you must be a dictator.


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