Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why Do You Need Teamwork and Leadership skills?

“If it's technical challenge, you can always resort to the formulas, but if it's human, there is no formulation to predict them. Managing people is the toughest” - Anonymous

The quote above illustrates the difficulties in dealing with other human beings. But it is something you cannot avoid. When your work in the real world, your boss will be people too, you colleagues will be people too, who have emotions and feelings. Your clients, suppliers, competitors are humans just like you with their own motivations and problems.

You are just one person with only 24 hours to use each day. With that limit, you cannot do much. If you want to achieve more in life, you must work together with other people. There are only two greatest limitations in life: Time and Knowledge. Everyone will face a deadline, that’s why we look for other people to help us. Sometimes we don’t have the skill or knowledge so we have to find someone who does have the knowledge. But then you still have to communicate the idea or plan to that person. You cannot copy paste your ideas or feelings like copy pasting your university assignments.

Everyone will have responsibilities at least at one point in life. At least as a parent. And as a parent you still would have to lead your family. You would still need to be a leader…

In conclusion, learn teamwork & leadership skills, and learn it now while you’re still young and still can afford to make mistakes.

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