Sunday, November 29, 2009

4 Rules of Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a necessary skill leaders must have in order to promote creativity & innovation in the organization.

A brainstorming session is relatively easy to do, but to make it an effective one requires some knowledge. An effective session means a lot of ideas are brainstormed. Anyway, to do one, you at least need to know the 4 rules of effective brainstorming.

Focus On Quantity

No, need to care about the quality of it. You can filter the good and bad ideas later. No use filtering ideas when you have only a small amount of ideas. But when you have a lot of ideas, that's another story.

No Criticism

Don't try to show you're so smart. If you're really smart, give ideas la. When you criticize another person's idea (no matter how 'polite' you are), the person won't be so eager to share more ideas because he's afraid or shy that he might make more mistakes. Also, understand that every idea can lead to another idea. Do not shoot down the idea so soon, maybe some parts of it can used. If you reject the whole idea so easily, you may lose the chance to use a portion of the idea, and will have less ideas to modify or to think about.

Unusual Ideas Are Welcome

We are conditioned in our mind to play safe, never challenge the status quo, follow the herd mentality. This does not create new ideas or innovation. So be brave and give unusual ideas. Something unusual at first can somehow be re-made into something practical but still innovative. Again, your objective for the brainstorming session is quantity not quality.

Combine and Improve Ideas

I said before that ideas can change as long as people openly communicate, how? Because as more people give input, ideas tend to mix around, modified and change. I have stated before that editing & modifying is the 2nd stage of creativity. So, don't limit yourself. If the idea is not good enough, use parts of it that you think you can use.

Please apply the rules strictly, as ideas by nature are hard to come by. Ideas needs the right culture and atmosphere for it to materialize itself. A culture of insecurity or inconfidence does not promote innovation & creativity. As a leader you are the person to create this atmosphere or otherwise.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Your bosses/teammates keep changing what they say? Here's the Solution!

Always have arguments with your team mates? Buy this!

Well, in the video it's says to solve arguments between married couple but can also apply in teams rite? :D


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Student Leadership Lacks Strategic Thinking

University Student's All Study, No Co-curricular Mentality limits their experience in managing real life problems ultimate limits their strategic thinking abilities.

A lot of student organizations lack strategic thinking skills. The proof, the same issues have been going on for ages and no improvement can be seen. If the students don't see any improvement, it's enough for me to say you are not making any improvements. Imagine if you are a leader in a business, in politics or in public services. Remember the problems when you were a leader in university? You will face them again. What makes you can handle them better this time in the future? But I don't blame it all on the student organizations, because they are not taught to equip themselves with managerial skills. Here are some reasons this situations prevail:

Unnecessary Politics In Student Leadership

Political ideologies has no place in student politics. Students just want our food affordable, clean and healthy. Our college safe to live in and our toilets clean. Anything else is irrelevant. You can read a more detailed discussion here. Malaysia has a bad culture of politicizing everything. And when that happens, the 'talkers' will always talk too much BS about the problem, but NOTHING about the solution; which is what strategic thinking is. Creating strategies, Solving problems. This bad habit is then picked up by the young generation. Shame on you politicians.

Lack of Education Syllabus

Student Leadership are best to be headed by experienced students and is not a place to 'learn'. By design or by negligence, these organizations do not have a structured education plan. Every time you see a student club's performance fluctuate it is because of the club's leadership. This fluctuation is a sign of an absence in the club's initiative to continuously develop leaders. No education plan means no platform for students to develop their leadership skills which include strategic thinking skills.

Lack of Foresight

Strategic thinking is basically the ability to foresee problems and formulate strategies to solve them. However, not all student leader can anticipate problem well. This comes with experience in doing challenging projects. But many students love doing lame and easy projects. You can read my classification of such students, here. Also, some student leaders are not sincere, they are just power hungry, want to show off, want to get close to ministers and etc. So 'strategic thinking' for the student clubs is not their priority, but 'strategic thinking' for themselves, yes la.

At the end of the day, student leaders must focus on developing their managerial skills. Their 'talking' skills is perfect already. I see a lot of students are confused what are the role of student leadership and also they are too focused on the politics and not the solutions. Read here, where I shoot a few people, give your comments, ok?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009 (MyLDS'09)

I'll be facilitating for a AIESEC's national level conference in UUM. Come and join me! I think all student leaders should come and see a different approach to student leadership...

Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar (MyLDS) is a national conference held annually by AIESEC in Malaysia. This year, Malaysia will be held in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Gathering 500 youths mainly from AIESEC local chapters in Malaysia, expansion LCs and AIESECers from all around the world participate in MyLDS 2009.This most anticipated national conference – Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009 will expose youth to its intense learning experience, social networking, leadership skill enhancement and thus leading them to become potential leaders of tomorrow.Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009 will be held on 6th - 11th December 2009. A not-to-be missed of 6-days-5-nights event is awaiting for young leaders to color the journey of self discovery and explore their hidden potentials!
The CLOSING DATE for registration is on 20th NOVEMBER 2009! Register now!

Date: 6th - 11th December 2009
Opening date for registration : 8th Oct 2009
Closing date for registration : 20th Nov 2009, 2359 hour (GMT +8)
Conference Fee: RM 120 (not included transportation and Pre-MyLDS)
Due date for payment: 23rd Nov 2009 (Those who fail to pay by 23rd Nov will be fined RM 20)
For more information, please visit or contact:

Wei Mun

Organizing Committee President of MyLDS'09

Mobile: +60(12)539 7739


Also visit our facebook at

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Facebook Manners And You

You all are using facebook right? Well, it's time to learn some good manners in using it! I'm not saying my manners are good though ;)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why strategic thinking is important?

Strategic thinking is a must for every student leader, especially to those who are ambitious in becoming politicians. Why are there so many crappy politicians today? Because when they were student leaders, they have no one to teach them strategic thinking.

Thinking Long-Term

I see a lot president of student clubs never plan long term or even worse they never care about the future consequences of his or her actions. A typical example is human resource issues. Every year, a college student committee would be having many projects. Most of it requires people with multimedia & graphical skills. A long term thinking student committee president would utilize the colleges's already existing Graphics & Multimedia Club to recruit and train its members to become a pool of students skilled in graphics & multimedia. The reality is the club is a dead club with no activities and members, and every year the student projects faces constraints of man power skilled in graphics. I know that there will be problems regardless of what happens but...

Life Is About Using the Best Way of Using What You Have

In business you would learn the term Return on Investment (ROI) it shows how much you would get back for each dollar you invested in something. Although in the student club context you would not need to face such things, but you would also still face constraints especially time and manpower, because the biggest limitations in life is time & knowledge. Strategic thinking starts with knowing what you want and understanding your constraints. Constraints are everywhere but achievers manage those constraints. How? By...

Aligning All Your Efforts

Like I said, constraints are everywhere. Strategic thinking forces us to think of a way of using our resources effectively and efficiently. Planning is the first step. Without planning you wouldn't know where to allocate your resources. The result would be poor coordination, a lot of last minute jobs which no one wants. Plan and align every action to your ultimate goal. Plan it in small steps. If you cannot do sudden large chunks of work, make it smaller, simpler and at a consistently interval points in time. Identify redundant work or work that can easily be duplicated. By doing all this you wouldn't waste on doing things that's not important. No wasting equals having more of the things you need to reach your objective.

Be You.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4 things you MUST do in unversity

Behind every opportunity is a person. People make miracles happen. It doesn't happen by themselves. Find people who can help each other to achieve our goals in life. You can start by joining student clubs. Even to find work, knowing a few people is necessary. More friends, equals more knowledge can be shared in between of you. But for that to happen, you need to learn how to communicate well. Again, you can learn this in GOOD student organization. In university co-curricular, your strategy MUST be quality over quantity!

Thx Brandon,


Friday, November 6, 2009

What Is Strategic Thinking?

Strategic thinking is a way of thinking strategically, Duh! ;) Strategic thinking focuses on IDENTIFYING opportunities in developing their organization into a better one. The problem with student leaders is because they are not thought to develop their thinking process, making their mind sharper. Their always been taught to DO stuff (just do projects, no thinking) and TALK stuff (be like politicians, "Salam Muhibah, Salam itu, Salam ini")

A good thinking process to start thinking strategically is to think according to these Elements:

  • Competencies and Skills
  • Products and Offerings
  • Environment and Industry
  • Markets and Customers
  • Competitors and Substitutes

Obviously, there some of the elements that cannot be applied in the student leadership context but we can modify it.

Competencies and Skills: In other words, your members. What are your members are capable of doing. Every club desires do a fancy and big projects but they always forget to consider the capability of their organizing committee.

Products and Offerings: In this case, the club's activities. A Karate club would offer Karate Classes right? What does your club want to offer?

Environment and Industry: This I won't say much, but maybe you can consider the economical and political surrounding. It might affect your club.

Markets and Customers: This is much more important. Your customers are the students who might want to join your club. Do you really know what they want? Entrepreneurship Club! Are you sure your members want to open stall and sell dadih or they want to learn about personal finance and investing?

Competitors and Substitutes: Do I need to explain this?

Ask questions pertaining to these 5 elements so you can see the opportunities and threats that exist. Create plans to overcome. Bottom line, Strategic thinking is about solving problems before it happens. Something a lot of student leaders don't have, the ability to solve problem and the ability of foresight.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Cone Pizza

Got this new outlet near my house which sells cone pizza. Yes, pizza in the shape of a cone like an ice cream. The restaurant is called:

A few pics from it's website and some from my camera. Sorry la bad quality pics, I just wanted to share this new kind of food.

The set above includes the cone pizza, mushroom soup, Pepsi and garlic bread costs about RM14.90

I like it. Had it once a week for the previous 2 weeks.

If you're around Selayang, call me and I show you the place. It's at Selayang Mall actually, just google map it. You can find more info at their website here.



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