Friday, November 6, 2009

What Is Strategic Thinking?

Strategic thinking is a way of thinking strategically, Duh! ;) Strategic thinking focuses on IDENTIFYING opportunities in developing their organization into a better one. The problem with student leaders is because they are not thought to develop their thinking process, making their mind sharper. Their always been taught to DO stuff (just do projects, no thinking) and TALK stuff (be like politicians, "Salam Muhibah, Salam itu, Salam ini")

A good thinking process to start thinking strategically is to think according to these Elements:

  • Competencies and Skills
  • Products and Offerings
  • Environment and Industry
  • Markets and Customers
  • Competitors and Substitutes

Obviously, there some of the elements that cannot be applied in the student leadership context but we can modify it.

Competencies and Skills: In other words, your members. What are your members are capable of doing. Every club desires do a fancy and big projects but they always forget to consider the capability of their organizing committee.

Products and Offerings: In this case, the club's activities. A Karate club would offer Karate Classes right? What does your club want to offer?

Environment and Industry: This I won't say much, but maybe you can consider the economical and political surrounding. It might affect your club.

Markets and Customers: This is much more important. Your customers are the students who might want to join your club. Do you really know what they want? Entrepreneurship Club! Are you sure your members want to open stall and sell dadih or they want to learn about personal finance and investing?

Competitors and Substitutes: Do I need to explain this?

Ask questions pertaining to these 5 elements so you can see the opportunities and threats that exist. Create plans to overcome. Bottom line, Strategic thinking is about solving problems before it happens. Something a lot of student leaders don't have, the ability to solve problem and the ability of foresight.


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