Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why strategic thinking is important?

Strategic thinking is a must for every student leader, especially to those who are ambitious in becoming politicians. Why are there so many crappy politicians today? Because when they were student leaders, they have no one to teach them strategic thinking.

Thinking Long-Term

I see a lot president of student clubs never plan long term or even worse they never care about the future consequences of his or her actions. A typical example is human resource issues. Every year, a college student committee would be having many projects. Most of it requires people with multimedia & graphical skills. A long term thinking student committee president would utilize the colleges's already existing Graphics & Multimedia Club to recruit and train its members to become a pool of students skilled in graphics & multimedia. The reality is the club is a dead club with no activities and members, and every year the student projects faces constraints of man power skilled in graphics. I know that there will be problems regardless of what happens but...

Life Is About Using the Best Way of Using What You Have

In business you would learn the term Return on Investment (ROI) it shows how much you would get back for each dollar you invested in something. Although in the student club context you would not need to face such things, but you would also still face constraints especially time and manpower, because the biggest limitations in life is time & knowledge. Strategic thinking starts with knowing what you want and understanding your constraints. Constraints are everywhere but achievers manage those constraints. How? By...

Aligning All Your Efforts

Like I said, constraints are everywhere. Strategic thinking forces us to think of a way of using our resources effectively and efficiently. Planning is the first step. Without planning you wouldn't know where to allocate your resources. The result would be poor coordination, a lot of last minute jobs which no one wants. Plan and align every action to your ultimate goal. Plan it in small steps. If you cannot do sudden large chunks of work, make it smaller, simpler and at a consistently interval points in time. Identify redundant work or work that can easily be duplicated. By doing all this you wouldn't waste on doing things that's not important. No wasting equals having more of the things you need to reach your objective.

Be You.

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