Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Signs Of True Leadership

Everyone is talking about leadership, but still not everyone wants to or able to rise up as a leader. I think it's because of the mentality & attitudes one have in life. Anyway these 5 signs below will help you identify true leaders.

Leadership Is To Create Positive Change.

If you are somebody with power and you abuse it to do something selfish, then you are not a leader. Because we don't need people to create negative changes, it can happen by itself. It's so easy to destroy but takes a lot effort to build. Leaders build, Leader's who don't build are not really leaders. Even if you are a CEO, you are expected to grow the company, a positive change.

You Are Always Your Own Leader.

You may not be able to become a CEO but at least at some point in time, you are leading someone or some group of people. I'm sure at one point you are a leader of your family. I'm really sure that everyone is the leader of your own life. The choices you makes, only you are responsible for it. To me, that's make you a leader. A person who understands this, understands that leadership is not position but an attitude towards life. Which means they already have the right attitude.

Leadership Is People Skill Plus Being Competent At Working.

You need to be smart and also smart in working with people. As you know people have feelings & emotions, different personalities and attitudes. Also, in work there can be so many kinds of problems with different solutions. People skills are about communicating well with team mates, understanding of their situations and etc. Work competencies is about management, technical skills & etc. Being a successful leader requires us to be good at both. Imagine, would Vision 2020 happen if Dr.M does not know how to communicate his vision to Malaysia? Also, would you be happy if a teammate is all talk but no action?

You Can Only Learn Leadership By Doing.

You cannot learn leadership from a book and seminar, nuff said.

Leaders Do Things For The Right Reasons.

If a leader does something out of self-interest he is not a leader. Similar to my points in "Leaders Create Positive Change", we don't need 'leaders' who destroy by being corrupt, the destruction can happen without them. A leader is not motivated solely by fame or money, because those are easily attained when you are a leader. They are motivated to improve the community because they also are a part of the community. They want to change the world into a better place. Idealistic or not is up to themselves to think, but doubt never help ideals become reality. You can read more here.

For me personally, I want to make a change in my life and to the community around me. Because how I lead myself and my community would affect the quality of life I'm living in and the people I love. I'm not so noble to bring change to the whole world, but as long I can protect me & the people around it would be good enough. And I need leadership qualities in me to do that.


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