Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strategic Thinking Tools

There are many strategic models and tools that are available and event taught. However, the problem is which one is suitable and effective to be used by Student Organisation.

Below are the tools that student leaders can start with:

  1. List Challenges, Constraints & Promoters
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. SWOT Strategy Formulation
  4. Goals Grid

List Challenges, Constraints & Promoters

List down everything that you think is a challenge in your organization. Brainstorm of ways to overcome them. If you can group them under 'promoters', if not, group them under 'constraints'

SWOT Analysis

Identify your organization's strength & weaknesses and your external surroundings threats and opportunites. Group & list them accordingly so you can analye your organization's standing.

Strategy Formulation

Once you understand the position of your organization you can choose a strategy that fits your current situation based on the matrix above.

Goals Grid

This is an effective tool in comparing what you want for the organization & whether you have the resources to achieve it.

So now, you have some tools to help you in your strategic planning. Play around with these tools first. Even better, find your own and implement it. Further explanations will be available in my future posts so hang on, k?


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