Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strategic Tools: Challenges, Promoters, Constraints Model

In order to create your strategy, you need to understand your surroundings. It's challenges, constraints and it's promoting factors.

To use this tool well, student leaders need to be experienced. Unfortunately, a lot of student leaders are always inexperienced because they always do 'easy' projects, and also because they do not have vision for their club. A person who does not take initiative to more cannot 'see' more.

Let's continue on how to use this tool. First, list down all the challenges and problems you think you will face in the upcoming term/year. You can get ideas by referring to last year's problems or from the problems faced by other student organizations. Please be resourceful and creative, that's the least you can do if you're not 'experienced'.

Some of the problems you listed might be small & easy to solve, some might be irrelevant or not in our control. But that does not matter, as long as you think it might happen to the club, just list it down.

The next step is to filter the challenges into Promoters & Constraints. Refer to 'Challenges' list and brainstorm solutions to them. It does not need to be so specific, detailed or effective. Just enough for you to have a rough idea how to solve it. The important thing is for you to realize what & who can help you in helping your organization reach it's goals. List these solutions as 'Promoters'.

If you still can't think of the solutions, take all the unsolved 'challenges' and put them under 'Constraints'. Constraints are now problems that will pose a major problem to your organization. No matter how good is your organization in doing something, there is always some part of the organization that will be held up this bottleneck, this constraint.

This stage is relatively easy. It's just that when I was in AIESEC, I felt that the usual SWOT analysis wasn't done effective enough. So I added this tool before SWOT analysis.You'll see why later. Lastly, remember that when you are using the other strategic tools like SWOT Analysis for example, please refer to this part again if you are lost.


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