Friday, January 8, 2010

How Do You Know You're In Control?

With so many external factors threatening your student project, how do you make sure you’re in control? Which means you’re project is reaching its deadline. Your people are doing their job correctly. Your finances are in check & etc?

As a leader in the organization, to know that you are in control is these three things below, they are:

  • You Understand
  • You Make Decisions
  • You Solve Problems

You Understand

As a leader you don’t need to know all the small details of your project but you need to at least understand the big picture. But you need to understand the specifics, enough for you to be able to see how the small things work together. Imagine that if a subordinate came up to you and report to you about a problem. If you cannot understand the significance of this problem to other parts of your project, then you can’t make good effective decisions. This brings to my next point:

You Make Decisions

If you can’t make decisions, you’re not in control. It’s maybe because you do not have enough information. It’s maybe because you don’t have enough resources (time, manpower & money). It’s also maybe because you’re not decisive and want to delay your decision because you’re too afraid you’re decision would be wrong. (Like politicians ;P) But the fact is the same, if you can’t make good decisions, regardless the reason; it means you’re not in control. If you have all the things you need to make good decision, you would do it, right? You would solve it...

You Solve problems

Yes, if you really are in control you would be able to solve problems. At the end of the day, if you could, you would want to finish your project as soon as possible. Unless, you’re the lazy a$*h*le*s who do projects just to get merit. Ranting aside, as a leader you want to make sure things is happening so that you have ample time to check and also improve the project compared to its original plan.

So what do you do if you’re not in control?

Relax. Analyse what are things that you’re not in control off, and what are the reasons, whether it’s because you don’t have information or you’re too hesitant. If you don’t understand or do not have enough information, find information. If you’re too indecisive, refer to you planning timeline, can you afford to delay some more? If not, just take the action you think best. People would understand. Only bad team mates don’t understand. Just take one problem at a time. Take it slow. Remember to delegate where you can. The worst thing you can do it’s to panic.


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