Friday, January 15, 2010

Strategy Versus Tactic

Strategy and Tactics. Not many Student Leaders understand this, thus that's why their planning & their implementation will have an enormous gap.

I was reading a few articles about YES2009 in the Marketing Magazine. In one of them is about Garry Kasparov a chess legend. He was there at the event to talk about strategy and decision making. Two things he said interests me.
Strategy is what to do when there is nothing
Tactics is what to do when there is something

Strategy is what to do when there is nothing

When you do not see anything in front of you, no patterns or trends in you or your competitor’s actions then you should strategize. In other words you prepare for things you cannot foresee or for something that is further down the road.

Tactics is what to do when there is something

But when you do see something happening around you, you need to react accordingly, that, is a tactic. The tactic can be different to the original plan but it must be able to fit with your grand strategy. Tactics change but strategies don’t.

Understand what can you change in your planning and what cannot change. All the planning & the strategizing tools I have thought you is to help you understand this.

The decisions that you make will determine your club’s future. The more long term or visionary you’re thinking the higher the probability of your club’s success. An average person reacts to changes, leaders act before it happens.

Thank you for following my strategy series of articles. I hope it helps you in managing your organization. Look for my next series of articles.

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