Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Self-Motivate Requires Optimism

Last week I posted a video titled, "Wear Sunscreen". For me it was a very motivating video as it reminds me what are the things that are most important to us.

But I'm sure some of you were wondering what's with the 'wear sunscreen'?

For me, the whole video was about looking at the brighter side of life. It was about optimism. Like a sunscreen. It blocks the bad cancer causing UV rays of the sun so you can get the benefits the sun has to offer.

Optimism vs pessimism. Basically, I believe it's always better to be optimistic then pessimistic. To be pessimistic means to do nothing, and to do nothing is a sure-way, foolproof 100% certain that nothing good will come from it, because you're doing nothing! But if you do something, you might get positive outcomes. It might be small or a lot, now or later on, but trust me it will. Life has a funny way of giving back what you give to society or the people around you. All you need is sincerity & the right mentaltiy.

There will be many challenges & struggles we will face in the future. How we are able to survive it will depend on how we handle those situations. It is in our hardest times that we Will define ourselves that the easy times.

In that situation, whether we will give up or continue will depend on our ability to motivate ourselves regardless of the external situation. And that depends on how optimistic we are in life.


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