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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Respect The Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the condition off a system in which competing influences are balanced. Balanced.

Everything has an equilibrium, even in life. A cheap-skate vs a person who splurges. A strict person vs a lenient person. It's just that most things in life, you don't know or cannot measure the equilibrium. How do you know how cheap is cheap? Having McD for lunch is being cheap if you're a CEO but expensive for a uni student.

Anyway, if something or someone is not at equilibrium there will always be external & internal forces to rectify the imbalances. If you are being too cheap, friends will start complain or your health will deteriorate because you skip meals and etc.

So these signs is an indication to which extreme we are leaning against. Thus, would be a good indicator to which 'direction' you must go to reach the equilibrium. Because everybody wants a 'balanced' life, right?

On a more serious note. All issues have 2 extremes. For example, conservativeness vs liberalism. Race Based Supremacy Vs Equality. Religious Piety Vs lack of piety.

Between the 2 extremes of each issue lies the 'equilibrium'. It's just that we don't really know where it is. Our job is to look for signs that help us identify where we on the spectrum in relation to 'equilibrium'.

For example, I am quite a liberal person in ideology, politics and religion. I would say that I am on the side that lacks religious strength. With that confession, I see that I my 'direction' is to become a more pious person by committing good acts as outlined by my religion.

Will I go to the other extreme? Not in one day. And even if it did, there would also be 'signs' that tell me to go back and relax my religious extremism . Bottom line: Look of out for the signs that tell where is the 'equilibrium'.

Try to find the 'equilibrium' in all issues. In life, in politics and etc. Start by asking yourself, "The Bookworm Or Co-curricular Student?" Find where is the 'equilibrium'; and which side you are on.

Try to answer many more issues by using this mental technique.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Entrepreneurship Issues Among Malaysian Youths

This a survey done by my friends, Sabrie. Fun fact: This survey so far found that 74% respondents categorized themselves as "social entrepreneur. Shows that youths are not only money minded! Help him out with the survey, ok? If you have any problem with the survey just go here.

Be. You.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now Everyone Can Be A Politician

With the recent church attacks by religious extremist who pose as arsonist, damaging as many as 8 churches in Malaysia to create chaos, there has been a rise of many politicians within the community, or i shall term them as the "local champions of the society". Everyone wants to voice out their views these days, everyone wants to be the champion of their cause in society and everyone seems to be becoming just another empty vessel in this already crowded political arena. May it be via social media or websites, to columns in newspapers or via word of mouth - it seems never-ending to me.

These irresponsible acts by some extremist had one main goal - which was to create chaos and more instability within the government by reducing the peoples support. An instable government may lead to many things such as the decline in investors confidence in the stock market, the rate of FDI and lesser progress as more and more government projects and policies cannot be implemented and the governments mandate to the people in the previous general elections cannot be fulfilled.. All this will ultimately lead to a sluggish progress in terms of our economy and our GDP rate and subsequently affect the people (who in the first place want to adhere to all this politics). The world is watching as we speak and the impression we leave behind by all these politicking only creates more negativity rather than an impact.

Hence why give face anyway, let this politicians focus on their own politics and let us the people focus on our own work. Opportunities are everywhere, so work hard to make every bit of opportunity a possibility. To me, politics prevents progress! Malaysians of all age and races love to be the speakerbox of the society championing their views based on local politics. IF only they spend that same amount of time working hard and striving for excellence, i feel Malaysia would be as par as Singapore, or even better China. (Note in China communism style rule has removed every aspect of politics from the general society leaving it citizens to work work work and improve their standard of living. We can see the progress so far...)

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Corrupt Leaders - A Bad Influence On Future Leaders

Every time a politician, a administrator has abused their power 0r position, people will lose trust in that person. However, if the didn't get caught, if has a far more worse effect. It will influence future leaders into thinking that doing so is acceptable.

There have been numerous cases where we see politicians abuse their power. We see university administrators misuse funds. And the worst thing about this is that the students see this. The same students that one day will become the rulers of the country. Does these actions is a good influence on us students?

After these misconducts happen and the perpetrators get away with it, slowly but surely, the students begin to think that we students can do the same. And finally, it becomes apart of their mentality, altering their outlook of integrity for the rest of their life.

Let me share you a story. A few college administrators have purchased a car almost at the same time. And the group of students you most clearly see & understand this situation are the student leaders. These student leaders know what is going on, but they cannot do anything. The cultural makeup of the country and the absence of systems to protect the students prevents anyone from reporting it. Finally, the worst of these leaders will learn these dubious techniques to be applied by them. Their integrity suffers. And when they graduate and become leaders, they will carry on this habit, and the society he leads will suffer.

Already we have seen our generation talks about political parties as a place to get contracts, make money, political favors. No one talks about it as leadership, visionaries, patriotism and etc.Already youths preparing themselves of office politics rather than being competent at work. The best proof is, we have student who join MPP just to get close to ministers and etc. Sigh...

To politicians and administrators, please understand that you guys have a big influence on future leaders. And if you are a visionary leader, and someone who loves the country. Please act well, so we can follow the good conducts you've done in your tenure, because if you act the opposite, it will surely have an effect.

To students, if you see these can of things, please I beg you, do not get influence by them and their conducts. Stand your ground and protect your integrity. Imagine, if all our generation, do bad, no trust each other what will happen?

Some of us are going to replace the leaders of the country. So make sure they're not sucky.

Be. You.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Driving It Out, Doing the Extreme

I've heard a lot of Leaderonomics for quite some time now, and I must say that I like the passion that they have for developing leaders from a young age. They do it by organizing programmes for youths to learn about leadership among many other things. So I like to share with you guys a write up they did for me, so you can see how leaders are made. Maybe you can even join the camp, too...Enjoy reading it...

REALISING the need for youth development in the country and to groom potential leaders among the next generation, Leaderonomics Youth has initiated a programme to develop an intense hands-on learning experience for youths aged between 12 and 18 years.

“The programme is called DIODE (Driving It Out, Doing the Extreme) Leadership Camp, because it combines elements of discovery and extreme leadership module for the younger generation to discover their leadership potential,” said Leaderonomics strategic project analyst Geraldine Sebastian.

Leaderonomics HR & finance lead Ang Hui Ming said the leaders who were invited to the programme came from various backgrounds like media, web, finance, performing arts and multinational corporations.

"We get leaders from a broad range of ages and experiences — from young entrepreneurs to CEOs — to share their experiences and values. In a way, It’s a win-win situation because the leaders are often impressed by how much potential the youth have and learn something in return,” said Ang.

Diode camps are open to youths of all backgrounds to promote peer-sharing, whether those from privileged backgrounds or underprivileged homes.

DIODE’s leadership series for 2010 comprises the DIODE School Leavers Camp, DIODE Youth Leadership Camp and DIODE Tweens Camp.

While each camp has its respective modules, all of them focus on developing leadership skills for youth.

The DIODE School Leavers Camp is catered to those who are leaving secondary school for university or to work. This is the stage where values are formed and we teach them about networking and survival skills.

The DIODE Youth Leadership Camp is for those aged between 14 and 17 years and focuses on leadership.We expose them to entrepreneurial programmes based on business simulation and activities.

The DIODE Tweens Camp is targeted at those who are stepping into their teenage years. It addresses the transitional mindset for those aged between 12 and13. We teach them about survival skills in school and expressing themselves in a positive manner. They learn values like respect, honesty, hard work, and how to deal when feeling rebellious.

Registration is open for the DIODE School Leavers Camp 20th March to 25th March 2010 and 14th December to 19th December 2010, DIODE Youth Leadership Camp 7thJune to 12th June 2010 and 29th November to 4th December and DIODE Tweens Camp 15th June to 18th June 2010 and 20th November to 23rd November 2010 .
For details, call 03-7957 5809 or visit


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