Saturday, February 6, 2010

Corrupt Leaders - A Bad Influence On Future Leaders

Every time a politician, a administrator has abused their power 0r position, people will lose trust in that person. However, if the didn't get caught, if has a far more worse effect. It will influence future leaders into thinking that doing so is acceptable.

There have been numerous cases where we see politicians abuse their power. We see university administrators misuse funds. And the worst thing about this is that the students see this. The same students that one day will become the rulers of the country. Does these actions is a good influence on us students?

After these misconducts happen and the perpetrators get away with it, slowly but surely, the students begin to think that we students can do the same. And finally, it becomes apart of their mentality, altering their outlook of integrity for the rest of their life.

Let me share you a story. A few college administrators have purchased a car almost at the same time. And the group of students you most clearly see & understand this situation are the student leaders. These student leaders know what is going on, but they cannot do anything. The cultural makeup of the country and the absence of systems to protect the students prevents anyone from reporting it. Finally, the worst of these leaders will learn these dubious techniques to be applied by them. Their integrity suffers. And when they graduate and become leaders, they will carry on this habit, and the society he leads will suffer.

Already we have seen our generation talks about political parties as a place to get contracts, make money, political favors. No one talks about it as leadership, visionaries, patriotism and etc.Already youths preparing themselves of office politics rather than being competent at work. The best proof is, we have student who join MPP just to get close to ministers and etc. Sigh...

To politicians and administrators, please understand that you guys have a big influence on future leaders. And if you are a visionary leader, and someone who loves the country. Please act well, so we can follow the good conducts you've done in your tenure, because if you act the opposite, it will surely have an effect.

To students, if you see these can of things, please I beg you, do not get influence by them and their conducts. Stand your ground and protect your integrity. Imagine, if all our generation, do bad, no trust each other what will happen?

Some of us are going to replace the leaders of the country. So make sure they're not sucky.

Be. You.

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