Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now Everyone Can Be A Politician

With the recent church attacks by religious extremist who pose as arsonist, damaging as many as 8 churches in Malaysia to create chaos, there has been a rise of many politicians within the community, or i shall term them as the "local champions of the society". Everyone wants to voice out their views these days, everyone wants to be the champion of their cause in society and everyone seems to be becoming just another empty vessel in this already crowded political arena. May it be via social media or websites, to columns in newspapers or via word of mouth - it seems never-ending to me.

These irresponsible acts by some extremist had one main goal - which was to create chaos and more instability within the government by reducing the peoples support. An instable government may lead to many things such as the decline in investors confidence in the stock market, the rate of FDI and lesser progress as more and more government projects and policies cannot be implemented and the governments mandate to the people in the previous general elections cannot be fulfilled.. All this will ultimately lead to a sluggish progress in terms of our economy and our GDP rate and subsequently affect the people (who in the first place want to adhere to all this politics). The world is watching as we speak and the impression we leave behind by all these politicking only creates more negativity rather than an impact.

Hence why give face anyway, let this politicians focus on their own politics and let us the people focus on our own work. Opportunities are everywhere, so work hard to make every bit of opportunity a possibility. To me, politics prevents progress! Malaysians of all age and races love to be the speakerbox of the society championing their views based on local politics. IF only they spend that same amount of time working hard and striving for excellence, i feel Malaysia would be as par as Singapore, or even better China. (Note in China communism style rule has removed every aspect of politics from the general society leaving it citizens to work work work and improve their standard of living. We can see the progress so far...)

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