Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Respect The Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the condition off a system in which competing influences are balanced. Balanced.

Everything has an equilibrium, even in life. A cheap-skate vs a person who splurges. A strict person vs a lenient person. It's just that most things in life, you don't know or cannot measure the equilibrium. How do you know how cheap is cheap? Having McD for lunch is being cheap if you're a CEO but expensive for a uni student.

Anyway, if something or someone is not at equilibrium there will always be external & internal forces to rectify the imbalances. If you are being too cheap, friends will start complain or your health will deteriorate because you skip meals and etc.

So these signs is an indication to which extreme we are leaning against. Thus, would be a good indicator to which 'direction' you must go to reach the equilibrium. Because everybody wants a 'balanced' life, right?

On a more serious note. All issues have 2 extremes. For example, conservativeness vs liberalism. Race Based Supremacy Vs Equality. Religious Piety Vs lack of piety.

Between the 2 extremes of each issue lies the 'equilibrium'. It's just that we don't really know where it is. Our job is to look for signs that help us identify where we on the spectrum in relation to 'equilibrium'.

For example, I am quite a liberal person in ideology, politics and religion. I would say that I am on the side that lacks religious strength. With that confession, I see that I my 'direction' is to become a more pious person by committing good acts as outlined by my religion.

Will I go to the other extreme? Not in one day. And even if it did, there would also be 'signs' that tell me to go back and relax my religious extremism . Bottom line: Look of out for the signs that tell where is the 'equilibrium'.

Try to find the 'equilibrium' in all issues. In life, in politics and etc. Start by asking yourself, "The Bookworm Or Co-curricular Student?" Find where is the 'equilibrium'; and which side you are on.

Try to answer many more issues by using this mental technique.


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